Lindsay Lohan: Cops Didn’t Honor Lawyer Request!

Lindsay Lohan and cops don’t really mesh all that well given the former child star’s continued run-ins with the law — and a new report indicates the Parent Trap actress feels she was mistreated by police.

Lindsay Lohan’s cops complaint was reported upon earlier by The Inquisitr, and we explained that the star and new lawyer Mark Heller are pulling out some Hail Mary courtroom passes to keep the actress out of trouble.

In our earlier piece on Lindsay Lohan and cops, we explained:

“In yet another strange incident Heller issued a ‘Bill of Particulars’ which is almost never used in California courts and which almost never works. In his filing he asks to suppress evidence, requests a motion to continue the case and asks that all charges be dismissed.”

Now TMZ is reporting Lindsay Lohan’s cops gripe, adding that the star claims her request for a lawyer was denied — an assertion which apparently doesn’t agree with the version of events given by police.

The gossip site — which has spies planted all over Los Angeles — explains that Lohan was questioned in the presence of a lawyer, contradicting her complaint:

“Lindsay Lohan asked for a lawyer when she was interviewed by cops after her June car crash … but they told her no and then grilled her like a cheeseburger … this according to documents filed by her new lawyer … here’s the problem. Law enforcement sources tell us … Lindsay’s entertainment lawyer was present the entire interview.”

According to the site, Heller says that Lohan was intimidated by cops to waive rights — TMZ adds:

“Heller says in his docs cops told Lindsay she was not free to leave and if she refused to answer their questions ‘it would be worse for her.’ Heller says Lindsay was also suspected of DUI … he says they gave her the One-Leg Stand Test at the hospital and she passed!”

Think there’s any chance Lindsay Lohan’s cops complaint will sway a judge?