Reality Steve Dishes Out Huge ‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers About Hannah Brown’s Dramatic Overnight Dates

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The Bachelorette spoilers for Hannah Brown’s season have dropped and spoiler guru Steve Carbone, known as Reality Steve, has doled out plenty of delicious goodies. Of course, Carbone has shared plenty of revealing tidbits over the course of the last few months. However, now he adds some additional context to the jaw-dropping events that supposedly happen during Brown’s overnight dates in Greece.

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Hannah apparently couldn’t make an elimination decision after her hometown dates. Reality Steve’s spoilers have indicated that Brown ultimately took all four hometown date guys to Greece for overnight fantasy suite dates.

This in and of itself is a big spoiler, as having four contestants still in the mix at this point is not how things usually go. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers have also revealed that one bachelor who apparently had been a frontrunner up until this point made a big move that apparently caused a major implosion and led to his elimination.

Hannah is said to take Peter Weber, Luke Parker, Tyler Cameron, and Jed Wyatt to Greece with her. While all four men apparently have the opportunity to spend the night in a Fantasy Suite with Brown, The Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that one of those four men reportedly sees his date go down in flames before that opportunity becomes a reality.

The sneak peek shared via Twitter has teased some big Bachelorette spoilers for the season. In one segment, Brown seemingly explodes at one of her suitors and ultimately ends up alone and in tears.

As The Inquisitr has noted, Reality Steve believes that Luke is the one who is involved in this juicy development. Assuming that he is the contestant involved, it appears that Parker essentially criticizes Brown for having been intimate previously.

In his new blog post, Reality Steve adds additional context. He says that based on all of the information he has gathered, Luke was slated to have Hannah’s fourth and final overnight date during filming.

Of course, the spoiler king doesn’t know how intimate Hannah got with Tyler, Jed, or Peter during her previous three overnight dates. It sounds as if the overnight portions happened in each of those cases, but that certainly doesn’t mean that Brown slept with all three of those men, or necessarily went that far with any of them.

Regardless of what happened between Hannah and her other three men, The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Luke had a lot to say about the topic while having dinner with Hannah on their outing. Reality Steve says that based on what he has heard, Parker told Brown that if they did spend the night together, they wouldn’t be getting intimate.

While Luke is not a virgin, he apparently is taking an approach similar to what everybody saw with Sean Lowe during his season of The Bachelor. Parker apparently tells Brown that he is now waiting for marriage before getting that intimate again with somebody after having embraced religion.

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At this point, specific spoilers have not emerged regarding what happens between Luke telling Hannah about his commitment to celibacy and what is shown in the explosive sneak peek for the season. However, things get heated and at this point, she says that she owes “him” nothing.

Hannah later says that she has been intimate before and that Jesus still loves her. The implication here is that Luke said something pretty judgmental to Hannah about either sleeping with other Bachelorette contestants or simply having been with someone previously in her life.

As Reality Steve noted, Hannah had actually brought up the topic of virginity in her introductory video during Colton’s season of The Bachelor. Brown made it clear that she wasn’t a virgin, and it certainly seems that Parker must have been aware of that since he’s said he specifically wanted her to be The Bachelorette.

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Given that, it may be that Hannah lets it be known that she was intimate with one of the other three men during her overnights and that’s what prompts Luke to say something over-the-top. At this point, specifics are not known, but there is little doubt that this will be the fence-jump moment of Brown’s Bachelorette season.

If Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers are right, Luke is eliminated at that point, going from frontrunner status to packing his bags to head home in the blink of an eye.

While there are already some signs of trouble for Luke Parker’s spin on The Bachelorette, Hannah Brown reportedly really fell for him during filming and saw a future with him. How will this elimination impact her final dates and last rose ceremony? Spoilers tease that there’s still a happy ending ahead and fans will be dying to see how this all plays out in the weeks ahead.