'The Bachelorette' Spoilers: Hannah Brown's Final Pick Revealed, Is She Engaged?

The Bachelorette spoilers from gossip king Reality Steve have just revealed juicy tidbits about Hannah Brown's season that fans will not want to miss. The premiere has already aired, and viewers got to form their initial impressions of the 30 men Hannah met. Now, according to blogger Steve Carbone, one of these bachelors eventually did propose and got engaged to Hannah.

Reality Steve's latest post breaks down all of the most essential Bachelorette spoilers from Hannah's season. While quite a few big details had already been revealed, this was the first time that Carbone shared anything about what happened with Brown's final two men.

The Inquisitr had previously shared that Reality Steve's spoilers had pinpointed Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt as Hannah's last two men standing. Based on how things reportedly go throughout the first part of the season, this pairing may come as something of a surprise down the road.

So far, Hannah herself has played coy about how her season ends. Production handles this differently every season, with some leads almost immediately revealing they are engaged and others letting fans speculate up until the finale. Brown only started doing media appearances for The Bachelorette last Thursday, and her vague answers even stirred up some speculation that she might have chosen nobody in the end.

Now, as Reality Steve's spoilers detail, The Bachelorette fans can take comfort in knowing that Hannah seemingly finds her Mr. Right. Plenty of people have been analyzing both Tyler and Jed's social media posts to look for clues since filming ended earlier this month. Based on the few posts that have publicly emerged, many theories swirled about what went down at Hannah's final ceremony.

Ultimately, details Reality Steve, he is confident in what his sources have told him, and he now feels ready to share The Bachelorette spoilers he has gathered about Brown's ending. Carbone notes that he needed to weed through plenty of hearsay and speculation before having something to share, but he details that he is certain that Hannah chose Tyler at the final rose ceremony and that they got engaged.

Of course, there will be The Bachelorette fans who doubt Reality Steve's teasers. In fact, when it comes to accuracy, he has always had a tougher time nailing down the spring seasons in comparison to The Bachelor that airs each winter. That's in large part due to the filming schedules of each show. In the case of Hannah's journey, filming ended just a few days before the premiere aired.

Does Reality Steve have it right this time around with The Bachelorette spoilers that Hannah Brown chooses Tyler Cameron and they get engaged? Viewers won't get to see that last rose ceremony play out on screen until late July, but everybody will be excited to watch each Monday to see if any hints about this ending seem to emerge.