Hilde Osland Pops Out Of Impossibly Tiny Beach Bikini With Sheer Netting

Hilde OslandInstagram

Hilde Osland’s Instagram following now sits at 1.2 million. The Norwegian-Australian model is loved for her feminine aesthetic, angelic features, and carefree or upbeat updates. Hilde’s May 18 snaps come sun-drenched, glowing, and nothing short of goddess-like.

Hilde’s setting is a sunset beach one – a caption has confirmed that setting rays are Hilde’s “favourite” moment of the day. Osland also appears to have chosen a shade of material that best enhances the light. Her tiny bikini is dazzling white. It comes with an unusual accessory, though. Hilde has opted for a loose sleeveless outer layer in sheer-studded netting. It’s as stylish as it is eye-catching.

Standing against the ocean backdrop, Hilde has been shot from various angles. Two full-frontal photos offer the blue-eyed blonde’s deep gaze and smile. Rear-snapped shots send fans Hilde’s peachy behind. With a profile one also showcasing the model’s tiny arm tattoo, Osland’s May 18 update seems to be one of her most comprehensive.

This beauty’s fans are as dedicated as they come. One only needs to look at the comments. One fan left their thoughts to the beach snaps in a reply.

“@maabjoinery my favourite model on Insta!”

Another pointed out the reason why they’re even following Hilde in the first place, per their words.

“I love getting new post notifications from you @hildeee”

Elsewhere, Osland was called “absolutely gorgeous.” She was also compared to Playboy model Pamela Anderson. While Hilde’s beach bikinis and bleached-blonde hair have common ground with the Baywatch star, there is a distinct difference. Anderson’s career as a sex symbol came with a touch more provocation than is seen from Osland. This model’s cherub-like expressions are known for their innocence.

Indeed, Hilde is somewhat unique. While her lingerie and bikini looks are replicated across Instagram, few models manage to nail chaste femininity on Osland’s level. This sensation chooses pastel shades in candy pinks, baby blues, and soft whites. Her athleisurewear looks likewise channel the girly vibe. Ultimately, an update from Hilde will throw out a tasteful finish. Cleavage-flashing is commonplace for Osland, however, it will come with a refined feel.

While not a full-blown promoter, Hilde is a social media influencer. Her outfits frequently come with a shout-out – Fashion Nova, Lounge Underwear, and Hot Miami Styles all seem to top Hilde’s list of favorite retailers. The latter forms Hilde’s latest beach look.

Whether for the fashion or the sensationally-beautiful blonde wearing it, Hilde’s following exists for a reason. Fans wishing to keep up with Hilde should follow her Instagram.