Weekly 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Ryan Returns, Finn Pops The Question, & Willow's Secret Is Overheard

A new sneak peek is revealing some juicy General Hospital spoilers coming up during the week of May 20. There have been hints regarding some of what would go down during the Nurses Ball, and now some intriguing confirmations have emerged.

One big moment fans are anticipating this week is the likely return of Ryan. Viewers know that Curtis and Laura were surprised by someone in Canada, and it seemed virtually guaranteed that this was a not-so-dead Ryan.

General Hospital spoilers had promised that everybody would gain clarity on Ryan's status during the Nurses Ball, and the preview posted on Twitter suggests that's coming quite soon. The preview clip shows Laura on a phone call to someone saying that Ryan is alive and is on his way back to Port Charles.

Based on General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, it seems likely that Laura calls Jason to relay this news. That shouldn't come completely as a surprise as Laura and Jason worked together to track down Ryan in Canada before he disappeared. Laura surely figures that Jason is someone who can take action quickly, and she's probably right. At the same time, Jason is also in the midst of dealing with this plan involving Spinelli, Sam, and Shiloh as well.

Previous Nurses Ball spoilers had teased that a proposal was coming and the most obvious possibility seemed to involve Finn and Anna. Now, General Hospital spoilers from the latest clip confirm that to be the case. Anna is said to be perplexed during Tuesday's show, and it may be that this is when Finn finally managed to get down on bended knee.

This week will also bring a lot of drama related to Dawn of Day. One new and potentially enormous tidbit from the sneak peek reveals that Willow will be overheard while talking to someone on the phone. General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will say that her baby's father never even knew that she was pregnant.

While it would be a complete disaster if Shiloh was the one to overhear this, General Hospital spoilers suggest that things aren't quite that bad for Willow yet. However, this is still a sticky situation as Nina seemingly hears this part of the call and wastes little time in asking Willow about what she overheard.

At one point, Michael will be enraged and attack Shiloh, apparently at a moment when Shiloh gets a bit too close to Willow. Jason will head to the Dawn of Day attic, and it looks like Ryan will dress in a tuxedo and ominously watch the Nurses Ball from behind a curtain.

Josh Swickard and Katelyn MacMullen film as Chase and Willow on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Michael Yada

It doesn't sound as if Willow mentions Shiloh during the conversation overheard by Nina. However, it wouldn't take much for Nina to take this information and reveal it in a way that creates big problems for Willow and possibly Wiley.

This Nina and Willow tidbit could prove to be very interesting. Fans are confident that it will soon be revealed that Willow is Nina's true biological daughter, and viewers know that these two women essentially cannot stand one another.

It will come as an unwelcome shock for both Nina and Willow if they are biologically related. However, viewers also know that if the two manage to bond to even a small degree, Nina could become Willow's biggest advocate in protecting her from Shiloh.

The sneak peek also teases that a gun will be fired at some point, but everybody will surely have to wait until Wednesday to see what happens. As The Inquisitr previously noted, the last part of the Nurses Ball will be completely chaotic and this new preview shows some insight into why that may be.

Will Ryan or perhaps Shiloh be hit when this gun is fired? Will Ryan die and become Jordan's kidney donor? What will Nina do with the information she overhears about Willow? General Hospital spoilers tease that this week will be a wild ride, and fans have a lot to look forward to as the next few episodes air.