Jax Taylor Reveals The Surprising Thing That Made Him Grow Up

Jax Taylor has had a difficult couple of years, but he's getting by with a little help from a source that he used to shun. The 39-year-old Vanderpump Rules star revealed that he recently began smoking marijuana to help calm himself down.

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, Taylor, who lost his father and became engaged to longtime love Brittany Cartwright within a six-month time period, talked about his newfound marijuana use on the Vanderpump Rules After Show. The Bravo star credited his surprising new habit for saving him and even helping him to grow up and shed his party boy image.

"I discovered weed. It's legal here so I'm OK to say it. And I feel like it's done a great thing for me. It's definitely calmed me down; it's made me grow up a lot."
Taylor's longtime friend and Vanderpump Rules co-star Tom Sandoval added that Jax went from "drinking vodka on the rocks to weed." Sandoval also revealed that Jax used to be very anti-marijuana because he had one bad experience in which he "got too high and tried to lick the wall." Sandoval raved about today's "bespoke weed that's custom-tailored to whatever your needs and desires are."Jax Tayor previously told Men's Health that he fell into a deep rut after his father Ronald Cauchi's passing in late 2017. Taylor told the magazine that after his father's death, he wanted to lock himself in a room and do enough drugs to hurt himself. It was future fiancée Brittany Cartwright who suggested that Jax try medical marijuana as a way to cope. Taylor revealed that marijuana changed his life and prompted him to cut back on drinking, quit other drugs, and start working out.

Vanderpump Rules fans know that Jax Taylor's partying and drinking used to get out of control, but he drastically cut back on the booze over the past year. Taylor's more limited drinking has also helped him to lose weight ahead of his wedding to Cartwright, which is set for June 29 in Kentucky.

Taylor told The Daily Mail that he lost a whopping 40 pounds ahead of his upcoming wedding, dropping from 235 to 195 pounds. The Vanderpump Rules star admitted that his drastic reduction in empty alcohol calories helped to speed his weight loss along.

"To be honest for me it's a lot less drinking. That's a big part for me, drinking. It's a lot less now, I've cut it almost in half," Taylor previously told The Mail.

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