Kailyn Lowry Says She Doesn't 'Have A Problem' With Jenelle Evans In 'Teen Mom 2' Reunion Clip

The Teen Mom 2 reunion is set to begin airing the three-part special on Monday night. People revealed a sneak peek of the special, which shows Kailyn Lowry talking about her relationship with Jenelle Evans. In this preview, Kail reveals she doesn't necessarily have a problem with the mom-of-three.

One of the most dramatic scenes on Season 9 of the show involved Jenelle setting fire to a gift sent to her by Kailyn. Jenelle filmed herself setting fire to the hair care set from Kailyn and posted it to social media. The video was later shown on an episode of the show. Kailyn admits that she "wasn't surprised" that Jenelle decided to destroy the gift, but that it "didn't hurt her feelings."

At one time, Kailyn and Jenelle were friends, but over the years, that relationship has deteriorated and the two women aren't exactly on friendly terms. However, Kail revealed that she doesn't necessarily have a problem with Jenelle, despite the drama that has occurred between them.

"I don't have a problem with Jenelle herself. We have gone through so much crap, but I could sit on the couch with her. I wanted to send it to her — like why not, it wasn't going to hurt me to send her the product."
Jenelle setting fire to the gift wasn't the only drama that occurred between Jenelle and Kailyn during Season 9. Jenelle's mother Barbara also stirred up some drama when, during an Instagram Live session, she made a comment about "killing Kail." Kailyn was asked how she felt about hearing that comment and she revealed that she was "annoyed."
"I was annoyed because I felt like, I think she's like in her 60's. Like how that was allowed and nothing was done about it."
Although Kailyn admits she would be fine sitting on stage with Jenelle and even Leah Messer, she would not want to share a stage with Briana DeJesus. Of course, that isn't too shocking to hear, considering the last time the two women were at a reunion together, a fight broke out on stage.

In regards to the fight, Kailyn admits that she feels "ashamed" for her actions during the reunion and that she takes "full accountability" for her actions.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special is set to air on Monday night on MTV. The reunion will be a three-part special and will show all the cast members at some point, including Jenelle Evans, who has since been let go from the show.