Spoilers For 'The Bachelorette' Episode 2: Cam Takes Risks To Impress Hannah, But His Efforts Ruffle Feathers

Monday night brings Episode 2 of ABC's The Bachelorette 2019 season, and fans are ready. Hannah Brown will head out on her first dates, and spoilers suggest that some guys may go big in trying to get that next rose.

Viewers first met bachelor Cam Ayala when Hannah was announced as The Bachelorette, and he even got a rose during that initial interaction. He seemed to make a good second impression during last week's premiere too, but could he end up eclipsed by other suitors as the dates begin?

As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Hannah will have two group dates and one individual date during Episode 2. Early Bachelorette spoilers had suggested that Cam was on that second group date, but new details suggest that isn't exactly how things played out.

New The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Cam actually does not get a date at all during Monday night's show. That shouldn't necessarily come off as a red flag, as sometimes contestants the leads feel certain about don't get initial dates as others get a chance to step up. However, it sounds as if Ayala takes matters into his own hands to change this situation.

E! News says that Cam will "crash a date and sends things into a tailspin."

Apparently, Cam somehow joins in on one of the two group dates, and his presence doesn't sit well with some of the other guys. In fact, at least one of Hannah's other suitors seems to note that this seems a bit "control freak-ish," and previews suggest that at least a couple of Hannah's men will confront Ayala about this bold move.

It sounds as if Hannah may do her best to just go with the flow on Cam's surprise appearance. However, The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that he won't be done yet. A sneak peek from Entertainment Weekly reveals that Ayala will make another bold move at another point of Episode 2, and viewers will surely be buzzing over this.

The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Mr. "ABC -- Always Be Cam" will take it upon himself to interrupt Hannah at one point while she is spending time with another bachelor. Not only does Ayala interrupt this guy and Brown, but he also brings along chicken nuggets and a big personality that does not please the guy he is interrupting.

It looks like Hannah is talking outside of the mansion during the cocktail party with one guy, perhaps Kevin Fortenberry, and he brings them both outside to the driveway for a picnic he orchestrated. He has a ring box and opens it as he asks Brown if she will accept this honey mustard. They do a toast with nuggets as the other guy essentially gives up and walks away.

This suitor will head back into the mansion and tell the other guys about Cam's antics, and The Bachelorette spoilers reveal that Cam will come back in and hear the last part of this. Soon chicken nuggets are airborne and while Cam doesn't look terribly flustered, it doesn't look as if he will be impressing any of the other guys.

What will Hannah think of Cam's antics? Viewers will have to tune in to see for certain, but The Bachelorette spoilers suggest that Ayala will get a rose in Episode 2. It's too soon to know how long his approach will work with Brown, but it doesn't look like he'll be going home quite yet.