WWE Spoilers: WWE Introducing A Brand New Championship Title Tonight On 'Raw'

Sunday night's Money in the Bank pay-per-view brought about a bunch of surprises, with Brock Lesnar winning the briefcase being the biggest one of all. There were new champions crowned and blood spilled, but there was also a quick announcement that may have just flown by some viewers. On tonight's episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE will introduce a new championship title and Mick Foley will announce it.

Yes, this kind of came out of nowhere as there have been no whispers or anything regarding a new title floating around in the rumor mill. During last night's broadcast of Money in the Bank, WWE flashed a graphic up on the screen and revealed that the new title was coming on Monday.

They later jumped on their official Twitter account to post it again, but that was just in case anyone missed it the first time. It was kind of an odd introduction and one that no one was really expecting, but it has certainly raised a lot of questions.

As soon as this announcement was made, there was a lot of speculation flying around social media as to what the new title may be. Of course, one of the biggest rumors going around now is that WWE is bringing back the old-school Hardcore Championship, which would make sense since Foley is the one introducing it.

Now, WWE never actually said this was going to be a brand new title, which does mean it could bring back one of its old championships. The European Championship doesn't really make any sense with NXT UK in existence, and there is no reason to have a Lightweight Title with 205 Live already having the Cruiserweight belt.

There are some others that could come about by the time the title is announced tonight, but bringing back the old WWE Hardcore Championship seems likely. Of course, that is nothing but more speculation going around, and it all has to do with Foley.

While Hardcore Matches aren't completely gone, they aren't seen in WWE nearly as much as they used to be. With this being the "PG era," there is no blood to be shown on camera if it can be helped and Cageside Seats even reported that as the reason a match was cut short at Money in the Bank.

It's been a while since WWE has brought forth an entirely new championship title, and this could really end up being fun. If it is indeed the Hardcore Championship that Mick Foley reveals on Monday Night Raw, let's hope the 24/7 rule is attached to it.