'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nurses Ball Brings 'About 50 Percent Chaos' And A 'Special Duet'

The Nurses Ball kicks into full gear during Monday's episode of General Hospital and spoilers tease that it will be a wild one. Friday's show highlighted all of the arrivals and some tidbits of action, and now executive producer Frank Valentini along with some cast members are sharing additional teasers.

Valentini talked with George Pennacchio of ABC7 about what's coming up during the week of May 20. From the sounds of things, this will be a Nurses Ball filled with surprises. However, some of the biggest moments will not take place until Wednesday, tease General Hospital spoilers.

Overall, this year's Nurses Ball will be featured for four episodes total, so fans get to see the fun play out beginning with last Friday's episode through the one airing this Wednesday. General Hospital spoilers have already teased that there is a marriage proposal coming, although it's not guaranteed yet that it's between Anna and Finn.

There will be lots of fun performances, and Valentini teased via his General Hospital spoilers that some of these will be from first-timers. He also teased one especially big performance that will get viewers buzzing.

The GH executive producer said that there will be "a special duet that I think will blow everybody's mind."

Could this involve the recently deceased Oscar? That's one theory floating around, and it would make sense. Viewers know that Oscar had Cameron recording a video for Josslyn shortly before he passed away, and that video hasn't been revealed yet.

Some speculate that perhaps in part, this video will show Oscar doing the song he and Josslyn were creating for the Nurses Ball. Josslyn decided not to go to the event, but it may be that she ends up changing her mind. Perhaps Cameron tracks her down and urges her to attend because he knows what Oscar created, or this may come together in some other way.

It's not known for certain yet that this special duet involves Oscar and Josslyn, or perhaps Cameron and Joss, but it seems a logical possibility. According to General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps, Joss receives a sweet note of sorts during Tuesday's show. It seems likely that is the prompt that leads to this special duet if it does feature Joss.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that there is an original piece coming from James Patrick Stuart, who plays Valentin. The actor says that it's from an album of his and is a gift for his father, who was in a band named Chad and Jeremy several decades ago.

While the Nurses Ball is about the performances, Lucy's Lynn Herring teases that there are shockers ahead, too.

"There's about 50 percent chaos toward the end so people have to stay 'til the end because it's wild."
Will that chaos involve the return of Ryan? That's not known for certain yet, but General Hospital spoilers certainly suggest that will be the case.

The Nurses Ball is always a fun event for the cast and the viewers, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that will definitely be the case this year, too. There is plenty of great stuff on the way beginning again with Monday's show, and the chaos should have people buzzing all the way through the end of Wednesday's episode.