Viral Video Shows Golfer Brooks Koepka Shut Down Girlfriend’s Attempted Kiss Before Winning PGA Championship

Scott HalleranGetty Images

Men only have one thing on their mind — and for Brooks Koepka, on Sunday morning, that one thing was golf.

The PGA star was en route to winning his second straight PGA Championship when the CBS cameras caught Brooks walking with girlfriend Jena Sims before the round started. With the two walking side-by-side, Jena tried to lean in to give Brooks a kiss before he started, but the PGA star turned away. She made another attempt but was blocked with an even more obvious effort from Brooks, who noticeably backed away from the kiss attempt.

It’s likely that Brooks wanted to remain focused on his chance to take down yet another major in a torrid stretch of play over the last two years, and become the first golfer ever to hold back-to-back titles in two majors at the same time. But the video gained some viral attention anyway, with many joking about the very obvious rejections of the swimsuit model.

She probably could have seen it coming. Jena had actually said before the last round that she was trying to keep the pressure off her boyfriend during the tournament, not getting too close as he remained laser focused on winning the major.

Koepka has been one of the top — if not the very best — golfers over the course of the last year, capping it off by defending his title as PGA Championship champion. As USA Today columnist Christine Brennan noted, Koepka won his fourth major in the last eight tries over the course of a little less than two years, and has ascended to No. 1 in the world. He led the PGA Championship from start to finish, itself quite an impressive feat, Brennan noted.

Koepka nearly blew the significant lead he had built going into Sunday’s final round, but said he knows how to stay focused on the golf course.

“I don’t need a sports psychologist. I’m pretty good at it. I know what I’m doing. It’s simpler than what guys think,” Koepka said. “Guys make the mistake of trying to figure out, when they get to a major, what’s going on, what’s different. It’s not. It’s just focus. It’s grind it out, suck it up and move on.”

That apparently means turning down attempted kisses from the significant other, but it seems to work pretty well for Brooks Koepka. And the two did end up getting a kiss after the tournament came to a close, so all is well that ends well.