Man Stabbed Minutes After Being Accused Of Pleasuring Himself On The New York City Subway

Joshua LottGetty Images

A man who had been accused of pleasuring himself on the New York City subway was attacked moments later by the woman who claimed to catch him in the act, leaving the subway rider with a stab wound.

The incident took place on Saturday evening on a southbound No. 5 train on Manhattan’s East Side. As The New York Post reported, a woman confronted a man who she believed was inappropriately touching himself.

“Stop playing with yourself,” the woman told the man, police later said.

The man denied doing anything inappropriate and the two began to argue. Police said the fight turned physical, with the two moving out of the train and onto a platform at East 59th Street and Lexington Avenue. During the fight, the woman pulled a knife and stabbed the man in the shoulder, then fled the scene.

The man, who was not identified, was taken to Mt. Sinai Hospital for treatment.

This is not the first incident on the New York City subway to gain viral attention across the country in recent weeks. Back in March, a viral video showed a man repeatedly kicking an elderly woman in the face as she sat on a subway seat, doing nothing to fight back or even defend herself.

The video attracted national interest as the NYPD sought help in identifying the suspect. It was only a few days later that they arrested 36-year-old Marc Gomez for the assault. As Fox News reported, police were able to identify Gomez from the video and arrested the Yonkers man on charges of assault and harassment.

The video sparked controversy over the actions — or the inaction, rather — of those who witnessed the assault. No one on the subway car moved to help protect the woman, and the attacker appeared to brag about it afterward, turning to the person filming and shouting “WorldStar that, my ni**a.”

People who were on the train flagged down police officers after the attack, but by then the attacker had fled. The woman suffered bruises and bleeding as a result of the attack, but refused medical treatment at the scene.

The New York Post also this week reported on a trash-filled subway car, calling it the city’s “most disgusting subway car.”

Police did not name the man stabbed after being accused of pleasuring himself on the New York City subway, and did not say if they identified the woman accused of stabbing him.