Cardi B Doesn’t Want To Be Harassed While ‘Stealing’ Panties In Epic Instagram Rant

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If anyone flies the flag for epic Instagram rants, it’s Cardi B. The “Money Bag” rapper might top charts with her beats, but her social media monologues are just as iconic. Today brings a fresh PSA from Cardi. It’s dedicated to her fans, although it appears to be sending them a few instructions.

The video shows Cardi in dim lighting. She isn’t showcasing the “redone” breasts she recently told Entertainment Tonight about. Nor is she lip-syncing to her own lyrics. Wearing a bathrobe and filmed up close, Cardi is focusing on getting her thoughts across.

The 26-year-old opens by saying that the video is to her “fans” and the people who “see me in public.” Viewers are then prompted with a request from Cardi.

“When y’all see me, can y’all please not scream out my name?”

Cardi continues by saying that she prefers to be approached in a more normal way. She outlines a typical scenario in which she might be approached.

“I be trying to be low key, I be trying to buy some f*cking panties in Target and sh*t.*

A stream of consciousness follows – Cardi mimics fans asking her what she’s “doing” at Target. Of course, it’s Cardi B. There’s going to be humor. Cardi says that she’s doing “the same thing” that her fans are.

“Stealing,” Cardi says before laughing at her own joke.

Cardi concludes by saying that her fans are putting her on “f*cking blast.”

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An Instagram rant from the best in the business doesn’t go unnoticed. Comments poured in. Many mentioned Cardi’s reference to shoplifting. Others simply found the video hilarious.

As one of music’s biggest faces, Cardi has risen from cash-strapped stripper to chart-topping sensation. Her 2018 Invasion of Privacy album was immensely successful. Last year also saw Cardi collaborate with Jennifer Lopez and DJ Khaled in “Dinero.” Khaled once again features in Cardi’s latest music venture – together with 21 Savage, the two recorded “Wish Wish” on Khaled’s new album.

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Elsewhere, Cardi has been making headlines for her personal life. Following an unexpected split from her boyfriend and baby daddy Offset in 2018, Cardi is now back with her man. Together, the two are parents to a girl named Kulture Kiari Cephus.

Cardi’s latest video had racked up over 2.9 million views within six hours of being posted. The same time span saw over 28,000 fans take to the comments section. Cardi has 44.5 million Instagram followers – to catch the next rant as it goes live, a follow is all that’s required.