‘GOT’ Star Sophie Turner Said She And Joe Jonas Broke Up Before Getting Hitched

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While Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are in full newlywed bliss today, the actress recently revealed that they hit a roadblock before they tied the knot.

The Game of Thrones star discussed that her struggles with mental health hindered her relationship to her now-husband Joe Jonas, per HollywoodLife. She reportedly admitted that the “Sucker” singer encouraged her to focus on loving herself more. Turner also revealed that at the time, she was “mentally unwell” and that Jonas was prepared to give her space early into their relationship, which began in 2016.

“He was like, ‘I can’t be with you until you love yourself,” she said.

“I can’t see you love me more than you love yourself.’ That was something, him doing that. I think he kind of saved my life, in a way.”

Turner also revealed that before the pair’s surprise wedding in Las Vegas, Jonas got cold feet and the two decided to part ways. She said the breakup was “the worst day of our lives,” when they both felt that they couldn’t move forward with their big day.

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The X-Men actress has been historically vocal about her struggles with mental health and her body image. She said that she was aware of her body at a young age, which exacerbated her feeling unwell mentally. The actress said that due to her being in the spotlight at a young age, she felt very insecure about her body and went through strict dietary measures. She also said that the television studios were encouraging her to lose weight as her body began to develop in her teenage years. Turner revealed that at one point. she was counting calories and having days where all she ate was nuts.

“It just kind of took over my mind, it was all I would think about,” she said.

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Turner told the outlet that once she stopped getting her period, she knew she needed to seek therapy. According to E! News, the actress recommends that everyone seek a therapist to have someone to vent to when they’re not feeling “enough” due to the pressures of society.

Turner and Jonas were married back in April at the famous A Little White Chapel after attending the Billboard Music Awards. The couple, who met when Jonas slid into her DMs, were joined by Jonas’ brothers Nick and Kevin and their wives, Priyanka Chopra and Danielle, respectively. The newlyweds are reportedly planning another wedding in France this year.