Ex ‘Southern Charm’ Star Landon Clements Won’t Say Never To A Bravo Return

Cassidy SparrowGetty Images

Landon Clements left the Bravo series Southern Charm after Season 4, but when it comes to a return to the reality series, she hasn’t closed the door completely. Though she has made the move to California to renew her interest in real estate, she says she might want to make an appearance because, well, you never know.

Good Housekeeping reports that when Landon left the show, she was done with Southern Charm and was ready to build a new life on the west coast, but she won’t speak in absolute terms.

“Never say never.”

The Georgia native has been through several lines of work, but fans of the series will remember that Clements’ father wanted her to return to real estate. With her travel blog, called Roam, and then Trovare now defunct, she found herself bored in the Holy City.

“I love Charleston, but it’s a tiny little town, so it’s hard to keep oneself really busy. I just wanted to get back to California and the West Coast.”

Clements had previously left California after her divorce from James Maby (actor Stacy Dash’s ex) to join the cast of Southern Charm, but she didn’t seem to put roots down there either. When she moved back to the south, she first lived on a boat, and then rented a place, but never really settled in. Though she says she’s not interested in remarrying at this time, she does want to make some strides in her professional life.

So Landon made the move to Malibu this time, as Charleston was too much of a small town for finding a new life and men she doesn’t already know.

“[In Charleston] I’ve known most of these guys since I was really young, or I’m related to them. It’s a very, very small town and there are great guys there, but I’ve literally known them since we were kids.”

Bustle reports that when Clements left the Bravo series, she put to rest all of her grudges from Southern Charm. Landon and series star Kathryn Dennis seemed to dislike each other from the start, but comments after Season 5 indicated that the two had made at least some peace.

“The Inspiring Inner Strength Of Southern Charm Star Kathryn Dennis. Popping up on @Forbes it’s been a long road KD. Happy for your happiness.”

Landon continued, saying that she understands as a single mother, Kathryn has a lot going on, and she hopes she is “up to it.”