AEW Rumors: ‘Double Or Nothing’ Match Called Off Because Former WWE Superstar Didn’t Want To Lose


During his time in WWE, the superstar known as Neville always seemed quite troubled and it led to a long sit-out before finally being released from his contract. All Elite Wrestling scooped him up upon announcing their debut and Neville, once again going by the ring name of PAC, was set to face Adam “Hangman” Page at Double or Nothing, but that match has now been officially called off.

Once AEW officially announced Double or Nothing as their first event for May 25, 2019, in Las Vegas, big matches started being confirmed. PAC vs. Page is one of those that wrestling fans were really looking forward to, and Wrestling Inc. thought the build-up started on Saturday at a Wrestle Gate Pro event.

The event took place in Nottingham, England and that was where Page confronted PAC who is the Open the Dream Gate Champion. After exchanging words, the two faced off in a match which ended with PAC getting disqualified and Page walking away with a victory.

After the match was over, PAC told Page and the entire crowd that he wouldn’t be going to Double or Nothing next weekend and that their match was off. While it seemed like this was a shoot, it was indeed planned and PAC will not be at Double or Nothing and Page will face another opponent.

As more info has come out about this situation, it appears as if the match was called off because the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion simply doesn’t want to lose.

When the match was over, PAC grabbed a mic and said, “Look, my work is done. You tell all of your little Elite buddies that I’m not coming to Vegas. I’m not coming to Double or Nothing. And I’m not coming to A-E-W!”

According to F4W Online, this is not a shoot and PAC will not be at the pay-per-view next weekend. Since winning the Dragon Gate Open the Dream Gate Title, he has taken his position very seriously and has not agreed to any matches he might lose.

In matches against Will Ospreay and Zack Sabre Jr., PAC went to 30-minute time limit draws to protect his status. AEW had their own direction for how the match between PAC and Page was going to go, but it apparently wasn’t good enough.

AEW will reportedly release the PAC vs. Page match from England online at some point this week. Page is actually the one to thank for there being a match at all as he agreed to fly to England and have the match since it was being taken off of Double or Nothing.

It appears as if the confusion came as to what would happen if PAC were to beat Page in Las Vegas. There has been speculation that PAC believes Kenny Omega would be the next person in line for him to face and AEW isn’t ready for Omega to lose as of yet.

As things currently stand, PAC is not going to be at Double or Nothing and Page will face someone else, but his opponent has not yet been determined. It isn’t even known if PAC is actually going to be a part of All Elite Wrestling at all after this situation.