WWE’s Alexa Bliss Flaunts Deep Cleavage In Tiny Top, Pouts Before Sly Smile In Sexy Instagram Video

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As talented on the mic as she is between the ropes, Alexa Bliss — real name Alexis Kaufman — is one of the most popular women in WWE. “Little Miss Bliss” also has quite a substantial social media presence, having cultivated a sizable fan base of 3.7 million individual Instagram followers. Despite having seen the heights of success within the confines of the ring as well as social media, it seems that Alexa is never quite satisfied with staying put.

In her most recent share — a brief video clip — Alexa appears before some promotional graphics for tonight’s Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Wearing a barely there black lace top which pushes her deep cleavage into a position of prominence, Alexa leaves very little to the imagination as she begins with a pout for the camera lens. That pout quickly evaporates before too long, being replaced by her signature sly smile as she sways back and forth, drawing even more attention to her perky bust.

A bit of the professional wrestler’s flat and muscular midriff is also shown. As usual, Alexa Bliss presents an absolutely flawless makeup look, her iconic shocked locks styled in a dramatic side part, her tresses falling to frame her gorgeous face before resting upon her shoulders and chest. Foundation, concealer, and a touch of blush work in tandem to emphasize her natural beauty. An inky black and pretty pink makeup application about her eyes help to draw attention to these, as well.

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Ready for #MITB like ...

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In the caption attached to the short video clip, Alexa advertises that she’s more than ready for tonight’s Money in the Bank event. Unfortunately for her, however, she won’t be competing in tonight’s match, per Ringside News. Current speculation surrounding her removal from the card is running rampant, with some claiming that her career is over due to repeated concussions and others saying that there is not enough evidence to draw firm conclusions.

Regardless of her match status, however, her fans absolutely loved this latest share, showering over 185,000 likes and nearly 3,000 comments upon it.

“I’m just here to read all the thirsty comments,” one fan remarked, adding a laughing-crying emoji to the tail end of their comment for emphasis.

“Goddess is ready for #mitb,” a second supporter quipped, capping off their message with a pair of romantic emojis. This comment had been made prior to the announcement that Alexa had been pulled from the match.

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Whether Alexa appears at tonight’s pay-per-view in some capacity or not, her fans always seem to love every bit of her life that she shares with them. Steadfast in their adoration, no injury seems to stymie their enthusiasm for the WWE superstar.