UFC Ring Girls Brittney Palmer & Arianny Celeste Cuddle Up In Sports Bras During Fight Night

While the world of UFC may conjure up images of bloodied fists and faces, sweat, and heavily muscled men wrestling with one another, there's another aspect to the entertaining events that many casual fans may overlook. UFC ring girls Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste are charged with keeping the audience entertained in between rounds -- and bouts -- and often do an amazing job of it. When they're not working -- and apparently, even when they are -- the two are often inseparable, seen in each other's company at events as well as on social media.

Now, in Brittney Palmer's most recent share, she shows just how close her and Arianny really are. Cuddling up to her friend, Brittney Palmer flashes a wide and genuine smile as she stares just beyond the camera lens, her eyes showing the glint of amusement. She purses her lips, showing off a nude lip gloss, and also flaunts a full face of makeup -- her expertly shaped brows, long and luxurious lashes, and hint of blush are on point.

For her part, Arianny Celeste sports a sly smile, her lips parted to reveal her perfectly white teeth. Matching Brittney's tawny tresses -- with both women sporting long, bouncy locks -- Arianny also flaunts a bit of cleavage.

Both women are clad in UFC-branded sports bras, part of their typical work uniform, and appear to be flanked by security and a steel barrier.

In the caption attached to the image, Brittney gave a brief shoutout not only to her BFF and her employer, but also to her makeup artist -- Suze Q. Despite the brevity of her caption, her fans flooded the picture with attention, offering up over 13,000 likes and nearly 200 comments in response to the photo.

"Nothing just you running marathon thru [sic] my mind," one smooth operator remarked, replying to Brittney's question as posed in the caption.

"You are two absolutely beautiful gorgeous stunning ladies and very beautiful photo," a second supporter gushed, adding a litany of romantic emoji to their post for further emphasis.

"Wow 2 incredibly beautiful ladies," a third admirer remarked, capping off their comment with a trio of sparkling heart emoji.

Personal space doesn't seem to be a consideration when it comes to these two women. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste have no problem in getting physically close to one another, showing that their friendship -- and comfort level -- knows no bounds. Fans of the two UFC knockouts are always excited to see what they share to social media, and can't wait to see what might come next for them.