'Playboy' Model Amberleigh West Clings To Yacht In Tiny Thong Bikini

Amberleigh West comes as a bikini pro. The 27-year-old Playboy model frequently updates her Instagram in two-pieces, and her May 19 snaps are no exception.

Today sees West clinging to the edge of a yacht. A picture-perfect backdrop of crystal waters and blue skies are sending out vacation vibes. The bikini-clad model channeling them appears likewise relaxed. West has opted for black string swimwear, no makeup, and a fuss-free setting. She has, however, offered fans a cheeky peek at her thong. It only requires swiping to the left on the mobile app. The Washington-born model is seen squatting on her tip-toes as she hangs onto the water vessel. The picture comes with a direct gaze, a big grin, and little to suggest that Amberleigh isn't in her happy place.

West's fans are beady-eyed, though. One spotted the sandy rear in the second snap. They seemed to find it worthy of a question, per their comment.

"How you get [sic] sandy ass on a boat? lol"
West did reply.
"@sunnyost simple. drove the boat to the beach."
Elsewhere, West was called "hotter than a hot thing" and "stunning."

Today's update came with a geo-tag. West is in Australia. Fans subscribing to the model's Instagram will know that this destination is a loved one. Amberleigh's Instagram frequently shows her Down Under.

Amberleigh's love of the great outdoors has been picked up on before. In 2016, Playboy profiled the model. The feature came complete with a quote from Amberleigh.
"I bike, kayak and wakeboard. When my friends and I go camping, I'm the one who starts the fire. I don't own jewelry, and I don't need glamour, which is why my pictorial is so awesome. It feels like a dream."
The active lifestyle likewise manifests on Amberleigh's social media. This model's Instagram frequently shows her swimming in open waters. Given that the resulting photos come complete with swimwear, her fans seem grateful. Amberleigh has 782,000 Instagram followers.While many of Amberleigh's peers take to the platform to promote products, West appears to hold back. Her updates will acknowledge the brand of swimwear being donned, but flat-out promotion doesn't appear to be up Amberleigh's street. Fellow Playboy model Lindsey Pelas is a 1st Phorm spokesperson. Likewise fronting a brand is Ana Cheri – the fitness model regularly posts promotional snaps for CBD brand, Ignite.

For Amberleigh, however, it seems to be all about fun in the sun. Her May 19 snaps had racked up over 35,000 likes within eight hours of being posted. Fans can keep up with West by following her Instagram.