May 19, 2019
'RHOA' Star, Porsha Williams Shares Adorable Video Of Baby Pilar 'Looking Dead' At The Camera

Porsha Williams once came as a solo act. At 37, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star is now a fiancée and a mother. Her baby girl, Pilar Jhena recently reached the seven-week mark.

On May 19, Porsha updated her Instagram with a video of Pilar. The footage comes with a 7:22 a.m. timestamp and a baby who seems wide awake for the day ahead. Pilar is lying swaddled in her crib and facing the camera. Her eyes are open and her gaze is direct. Porsha can even be heard voicing her thoughts out loud.

"Oh my god, she's looking dead at the camera."
The mother of one is then heard laughing.

Admittedly, that is one piercing stare. It was enough for Porsha to include it in the video's caption. Also mentioned in Porsha's caption was the "getcha butt up" attitude – Porsha seems to have found her baby's vibe noteworthy.

Much like her fashionista mother, Pilar comes stylishly dressed. The fabrics wrapping her are soft white with gray-print stars and they match the nursery. Pilar's crib is white, and background walls in the same color appear veined with gray marble. Porsha hasn't gone down the glam route with her video, though. It really does seem to be all about the motherly love today.

Fan comments quickly arrived. One fan seemed to pick up on Pilar's expression, per their words.
"And she smiled like 'yeahhhh, get on up!"
Another user called the video a "we see each other" moment.
Fans have been eagerly awaiting pictures of Williams' newborn ever since she arrived in March. While Porsha didn't immediately take to social media to share her new arrival, she has since set Pilar up with her very own Instagram account. Pilar has 132,000 followers as of the publishing of this article. Porsha's pregnancy also proved high-profile enough for The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Porsha's Having a Baby to air.May 13 marked Porsha and her new baby's social media debut. The People-exclusive snap (seen above) came complete with this family's father – Dennis McKinley proposed to Porsha back in September of last year. It also included an interview. Given Porsha's words, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
"She's a diva. Literally, on her 1-month celebration is when I saw the most of her personality. When she wants her bottle, she wants it right then. And when she's done, she's done."
Whether or not Pilar was expecting a feed in today's video isn't clear. More than clear, however, is this mother's love for her baby girl. Today's video had racked up over 350,000 views within three hours of being posted. Over 3,000 comments were left.