British Police Forced To Shut Down Tyler, The Creator’s London Gig Due To ‘Rowdy Fans’

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Police in London had to shut down Tyler, The Creator’s surprise show at the Bussey Building in Peckham after thousands of fans flocked to the venue to see him perform.

This was the rapper’s first time back in the United Kingdom after his four-year ban from the country came to an end, and fans got a little too excited when they heard about the surprise gig on social media, forcing local authorities to intervene. According to the Daily Mail, Tyler was supposed to perform at 3 p.m. on Saturday, but 15 minutes after the show was due to start he took to social media to announce that it had been cancelled by police.

“Too rowdy, cops cancelled it, go home, I tried, the gate climbing nail in the coffin, they go nervous, too bad was a cool idea but hey, igor out now,” he wrote on Twitter, referencing his latest album, Igor, which came out last Friday.

This was the artist’s first time in the U.K. since the Home Office banned him back in 2015 due to some of his lyrics that dated back to 2009. At the time, Prime Minister Theresa May was Home Secretary, and she claimed his lyrics encouraged “violence and intolerance of homosexuality.” The ban was supposed to last between three to five years, and it was eventually lifted on February 13 this year, as per the Daily Mail.

He reportedly arrived at Luton Airport, London, in the early hours of Saturday, and hours later he posted photos on Instagram of himself wearing a bright pink and red suit, as well as a blonde wig while standing in front of Buckingham Palace. When he announced the venue’s location, the number of people wanting to attend the event was so large that the Metropolitan Police were forced to shut it down “due to overcrowding issues.”

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A 19-year-old fan who traveled from the east side of the city to get to the show described how excited concertgoers were, even climbing over cars and gates as they rushed to get a spot.

“We turned up on the overground and people were sprinting towards the venue, the cars were trapped in the crowds and people still sat in them… people [were] climbing over the cars. Every time they opened the gate a little bit to the venue people charged towards the gate and then bounced back when they closed it,” Toby Stanton told the Daily Mail.

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Many took to Twitter to express their disappointment, with one fan writing, “Wasn’t even rowdy but I still love you.” The 29-year-old Flower Boy rapper later posted a video on Instagram in which he revealed he will be coming back to London soon to make it up to his fans.