‘Bachelor’ Star Kirpa Sudick Dons Swimsuit On Instagram

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Bachelor star Kirpa Sudick didn’t end up with Colton Underwood last season, but perhaps fans will see her on this year’s Bachelor in Paradise. Whatever the case, she’s keeping her 90,000 Instagram followers updated on all of the latest with a colorful Instagram feed. Speaking of which, her newest post showed her wearing a red swimsuit, as she smiled widely for the camera.

The TV star wore a strapless one-piece with cutouts on the sides. Kirpa sat up on her knees while lounging on light yellow patio furniture. There were multicolored pillows behind her, as she played with her hair. Her hair looked great in soft waves, as she also had pops of color thanks to her highlights. She placed her left hand on her head for the photo. She also accessorized with a geometric necklace and a bracelet. The photo was liked over 4,000 times.

Sudick shared another sultry photo of herself five days ago. In the picture, she was spotted going braless under a shimmery gold robe. It was tied at the waist with a bright orange ribbon, which mimicked her bright orange eyeshadow. She sat on a counter, and placed her left foot on top of the table. Behind her were wooden panels. There was a second photo in the series, which showed Kirpa with her right arm over her head. She closed her eyes, which allowed her to show off her amazing makeup.

During The Bachelor season, Kirpa was spotted with a band aid on her chin. She eventually opened up about why this was, reported Us Weekly Magazine.

“Thailand f–ked me up, but not in a good way. I was trying to be basic and take a picture in front of the ocean at the start of a sunset, but it had rained and I forgot about that, so rocks and water — slippery.”

“I went to catch myself with my hand, and then instead my chin took the fall. So, five stitches later and a sprained wrist and here I am,” she added.

“Are they really gonna show Kirpa with a huge bandage on her chin & not provide an explanation? #TheBachelor,” complained a fan, when there was no context given initially for Kirpa’s bandage.

Of course, there’s plenty that happens off air that doesn’t make it onto the show. Considering Kirpa didn’t end up with Colton, there wasn’t too much time dedicated to it.

Whatever the case, perhaps she’ll make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise this summer, and finally meet her true love.

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