Brooklyn Decker Throws Shade At Alabama’s Abortion Law On Instagram

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Brooklyn Decker took to her Instagram account two days ago to inform her 569,000 followers that she did not support the new abortion law that recently passed in the state of Alabama.

To express her thoughts on Alabama’s new legislation, the 32-year-old actress, known best for her role in Just Go With It starring alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, shared a screenshot of a tweet posted by Laura Bassett.

Laura, who is a writer with bylines on several major media outlets including The Washington Post, GQ Magazine, The Huffington Post, InStyle, and The Daily Beast, took to her Twitter account on May 14 from her phone to criticize the abortion ban.

“The amendment to add rape and incest exceptions failed 11-22. Alabama will make abortions a felony, in all cases, from the moment of conception, punishable by up to 99 years in prison,” Bassett penned in her tweet that has since accumulated 3,300 comments, 24,000 retweets, and 39,000 likes.

In Brooklyn’s screenshot of the tweet on Instagram, she further pushed the issue questioning what happens to the men who get the women pregnant.

In just 48 hours, Decker’s Instagram post was showered with over 18,000 likes and just shy of 1,000 comments. The comment section filled with a mixture of those agreeing with what the actress had to say and those who pointed out that “abortion was murder.”

As those who follow Decker on Instagram know, the actress is not especially active on social media. She, however, felt passionate enough about Bassett’s tweet and her disdain toward the abortion ban that she was compelled to share it with her own followers.

On Twitter, the writer followed the message Decker shared on Instagram by clarifying that the bill banning abortion doesn’t have any repercussions in place for the man “except presumably the obligation to pay child support in some cases.”

A day later, Bassett took to Twitter again to note that other states, such as Louisiana, were gearing up to follow in Alabama’s footsteps.

While most who took to the comments of Laura’s tweets agreed that the bill was “what’s wrong with America” and felt that it was just a prime example of the country moving backwards, others were quick to question if the writer even read the bill.

“To be honest, the Alabama bill also has not punishment set for the woman. The 10 – 99 years is for the provider. Still a heinous bill,” one of many Twitter users pointed out clarifying that the bill only punishes the doctor who performs the abortion, not the woman.