WWE Rumors: Triple H Is Reportedly Frustrated With The Company’s Current Direction

Robert PreziosoGetty Images

Fansided reports that rumors of Triple H’s frustration with the direction of the WWE are circulating around the web. In particular, the wrestling legend is reportedly not happy with the main roster.

During a podcast episode of Pro Wrestling Post-Show, PWTorch editor Wade Keller brought up the rumors and received a call from someone that claimed that three current WWE creative team writers spoke to him about Triple H’s feelings on the company.

“The most frustrated person in the back every single night is Triple H,” the caller said.

“He’ll always take, especially the NXT guys, under his wing. It looks like he’s consoling them. It looks so much like he was the most frustrated person in the building every single night.”

It’s no secret that fans and critics haven’t been happy with Raw and Smackdown in recent years, and in the face of WWE’s declining TV ratings, the rumors aren’t exactly surprising. Not only that, but Triple H recently liked a fan’s tweet that criticized Vince McMahon and the WWE’s “confusing and pointless” storylines, as The Inquisitr reported. Although he later un-“liked” it, the move was quickly scooped up by various outlets.

But Triple H has also spoken highly of McMahon and his work for the WWE, per UPROXX.

“He’s awesome at it and that’s his…it’s his passion. He won’t give that up. Not because he should. It’s his passion. It’s being a songwriter. He’s always going to want to collaborate and work on a song. Always.”

In the same interview with Sports Business Journal, Triple H said that many of the best WWE storylines are the ones that come from last-minute changes. He said that the nature of the business means that things can change any moment, and that “beauty comes out of chaos a lot.” The founder of NXT also said that in some cases, injuries or bad situations actually turn out to be positive.

As The Inquisitr reported, former WWE superstar Jack Swagger opened up about WWE’s struggles during a Pro Wrestling 24/7 interview. He believes that the key to reversing the decline is to move from its yearly business model to one that accommodates eight-month regular seasons and a four-month offseason.

According to Swagger — who now goes by his real name, Jake Hager — believes that this model will make it easier for WWE to come up with unique and compelling storylines and avoid viewer saturation.

But WrestlingNews.co said that while the idea is good in theory, it wouldn’t make sense for the WWE to make the change now as the USA Network and Fox have both invested in a full year of new content from the business.