Jill Duggar Gets Pampered For Her 28th Birthday, Celebrates With Sister-In-Law Lauren

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Jill Duggar just turned 28 on May 17 and it looks like she is enjoying every moment of her birthday this year. She has not only gotten pampered by her husband, Derick Dillard, but also by her whole family.

The mom-of-two first got to celebrate her special day with just the ladies. The whole female Duggar clan got together for a girl’s day outing. Jill and sister-in-law Lauren Duggar has their birthdays just a day apart, so they got to celebrate together with their families, as she indicated via Instagram. She also shared a few photos revealing exactly how they spent the day.

Mom, Michelle Duggar, is seen in a salon with her daughter getting their nails done. No one else is in the photo, but it could be that the rest of the girls are sitting behind the camera. Or it could always have been just a mother-daughter time spent together.

There was also a photo of all of the women and younger ladies enjoying a meal in one of their favorite restaurants. It looks like everyone, including expectant moms Kendra, Jessa, and Anna, were in attendance. The only one missing in the photos is Joy-Anna.

In addition, Jill Duggar also enjoyed a little alone time with hubby Derick. He took her on a lunch date hiking and picnicking near a lake. The Duggar daughter also mentioned that after their hike, Derick’s mother had dinner waiting for them. They ended the day with a birthday cake.

Jill did get into a little hot water after her girl’s day post was shared. She kindly thanked Derick for watching their two boys, Israel and Samuel, while she went out. A couple of people told her that she shouldn’t be thanking a father for watching his kids as it’s his parental duty. Others defended her by saying that they always thanked their husbands the same way.

Many fans feel that Jill could be pregnant with her third child. They have also said the same thing about Lauren in the group photo that was taken. Those watchful Duggar fans are always on the lookout for any signs of a baby bump. Sometimes they are right, but most oftentimes it’s just wishful thinking. There are currently four Duggar women who are pregnant, five if you include cousin Amy Duggar King. If either Jill or Lauren, or both, are indeed expecting, that might just be a Duggar record of the most pregnancies in the family all at once.