Twitter Had Some Pretty Witty Responses To The Name Of Kim Kardashian’s New Baby Boy

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Kim Kardashian has always been all about standing out, even before she became a mom-of-four. She’s become famous for her bold photo shoots and daring public appearances. Thus, it wasn’t that surprising when she opted to be bold and unique when naming the children she shares with the equally eccentric Kanye West.

Back in 2013, social media had a field day when Kardashian named her daughter North. At the time, people thought it was pretty comical to name a child after a direction. However, it’s probably safe to say that North is hardly the most unusual name of the bunch. Kardashian just welcomed her fourth child and his name is Psalm West. Twitter had some pretty funny reactions to the name announcement, many of which have since made their rounds online, according to TooFab.

After North, Kardashian welcomed a second child in 2015, named Saint West. While Kardashian carried and gave birth to both North and Saint the traditional way, they were challenging pregnancies that took a toll on her physical health. She was advised to take an alternative route if she wished to have any more children and opted to hire a surrogate. Her third child, Chicago West, was born in 2018 via a surrogate who’s name was never publicly revealed. Just last week, West and Kardashian welcomed Psalm to the world and announced his name via Instagram on Friday.

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Many Twitter users found it surprising that Kardashian would give her child such a religious sounding name. The “Book of Psalms” is in fact a very important section of the Christian Bible. It fits in quite nicely with his older brother, Saint, who’s name is commonly associated with Christian figures in history in which followers of the faith often turn to as role models of how to live out the Christian life.

“Kanye West is so wild with these baby names. Named after one of the most important books in the bible. I cannotttttttt,” one user wrote earning a plethora of re-shares.

Other Twitter users were just glad that Kardashian and West had chosen Psalm as opposed to one of the other more unusual Biblical books writing.

“At least they didn’t name the baby Deuteronomy,” one user said.

One of the most re-shared remarks stated that the child’s name sounded like the location of an event similar to Coachella.

“Psalm West sounds like the location of a new desert music festival that costs $1,000 a ticket,” the person wrote.