William Barr Is ‘The Most Dangerous Person That Works For Donald Trump,’ Says MSNBC Host

Alex WongGetty Images

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said on Friday that Attorney General William Barr is “the most dangerous person that works for Donald Trump,” The Hill reports.

Wallace made the remarks live on air during her show, echoing criticism from Democratic lawmakers who have long accused Barr of acting as President Trump’s personal attorney, instead of being impartial and doing his job as the country’s top lawyer. Wallace compared Barr to Trump and controversial Fox News host Sean Hannity, stating that the attorney general and the two men have the same worldview.

“I think Barr’s the most dangerous person that works for Donald Trump because he has Donald Trump’s worldview, Sean Hannity’s worldview, but he oversees the Justice Department.”

Wallace’s comments were in reference to Barr’s handling of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, and came following the attorney general’s appearance on Fox News. As The Hill notes, earlier this week, Barr went on Fox News to discuss Mueller’s Russia probe, and ended up echoing President Trump, who has long accused the Democrats of conspiring with the intelligence community to launch a partisan investigation meant to damage his presidency.

Barr appears to agree with Trump that the president’s 2016 was campaign unlawfully spied on by rogue elements within several American intelligence agencies, and he has therefore — with Trump’s blessings — vowed to launch multiple inquiries meant to investigate the origins of Mueller’s probe. During the interview, Barr stated that certain government officials may have “abused powers” to damage Trump.

Wallace played a clip of Barr’s interview, introducing it with a disclaimer.

“What you’re about to hear from the sitting attorney general… is not normal,” she said.

“His answer — so perplexing, so potentially dangerous to the institutions of law and justice that he oversees — we don’t want to air it without a disclaimer,” the host warned.

While Wallace appears to have become a staunch Trump critic, she is best-known for serving as White House communications director during the George W. Bush administration. The irony of a former Bush government official criticizing a presidential administration’s disregard for law and constitutional norms did not escape everyone, however.

Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out in a Twitter thread that Trump “is not the inventor of an omnipotent presidency immune from law” but “the inheritor of that model, built over decades by both parties.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, House Democrats have taken aim at Barr, threatening to take legal action against the attorney general, while accusing him of deliberately misleading the public about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings. Unfazed and seemingly amused by their threats, Barr allegedly teased the House Speaker during a recent VIP event, asking whether she had brought handcuffs with her to arrest him.