Robert Mueller More Trusted Than Donald Trump And William Barr, Surprising ‘Fox News’ Poll Results Show

Alex WongGetty Images

The surprising results of a Fox News poll show that even among President Donald Trump’s base, voters seem to be placing more trust on special counsel Robert Mueller than Trump and Attorney General William Barr.

According to the New York Daily News, the extensive poll was carried out to find out the voters’ mood after the release of the Mueller report. Although the 52-page-long survey, which was conducted by a bipartisan group of pollsters, registered people’s opinions on a variety of subjects, such as Trump’s likability, the economy, and his administration’s relationship with North Korea, the most surprising takeaways came when respondents’ were asked about their thoughts on the conclusion of the Mueller probe.

As far as Trump’s potential impeachment is concerned, the number of Americans opposing impeachment edge the number of Americans supporting it by 8 percentage points. Fifty percent of respondents said that they would not want to see impeachment proceedings brought against the president, while 42 percent said that Congress should impeach him.

Most people also thought that Robert Mueller did a good job with his investigation, with 46 percent of respondents saying that they approved of how he handled it. Thirty-percent of them said that didn’t approve of Mueller’s handling of the investigation.

But the most striking response came when respondents were asked the following question.

“On the Russia investigation, who do you trust more to tell the truth?”

According to the results, while 45 percent of people said that they trusted the special counsel more, only 27 percent of them said the same thing about Trump. Sixteen percent of the respondents said that they trusted neither.

Similarly, between Mueller and Barr, Americans also seemed to be siding with the special counsel. Only 22 percent of the respondents said that they trusted Barr more than Mueller, while for the special counsel, 40 percent of the respondents said that they have more faith in his judgment than that of the attorney general.

Thirty-five percent of the respondents said that they didn’t approve of how William Barr handled the Mueller report: by first summarizing the report by leaving out significant bits in a letter to Congress, and then releasing a redacted version of the report. Among the respondents, 44 percent of Americans said that they approved of Barr’s handling.

However, it appears clear that respondents were not completely trusting of the attorney general, with 45 percent of them saying that he was “covering up for the president,” and 33 percent feel he has been “transparent.”