May 18, 2019
Joe Biden Mocks Donald Trump's 'Alternative Facts' At Campaign Rally

Joe Biden is not shying away from direct attacks on Donald Trump, mocking the president's "alternative facts" at a campaign rally this weekend.

Biden has emerged as the frontrunner of the early stages of the Democratic race to take on Trump in 2020, and unlike some of the other candidates, he has not been shy about direct attacks on the president. The former vice president laid out one of those attacks over the weekend, mocking the president's tendency to stretch the truth.

As the Daily Mail noted, Biden spoke to supporters at a rally in Philadelphia, painting a sharp contrast between himself and Trump by saying his campaign would not be about "hate."

"If the American people want a president to add to our division, to lead with a clenched fist, closed hand and a hard heart, to demonize the opponents and spew hatred — they don't need me. They've got President Donald Trump," Biden said.

Biden also mocked Trump's "alternative facts" and made references to his privileged life.

"Just like he inherited everything else in his life. Just like everything else he's been given in his life, he's in the process of squandering that as well," Biden added.

Donald Trump has reserved some of his harshest Twitter attacks for Biden, who has emerged as the most likely to take on Trump in 2020. Biden has taken something of a commanding lead over the rest of the Democratic field, well above the next-closest candidate, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

The poll aggregator and political analysis site Five Thirty Eight found that Biden is also dominating the cable news airwaves, getting as much airtime as the rest of the candidates combined.

The one thing that Biden doesn't have yet is the endorsement of his former running mate, President Barack Obama. The former president has remained out of the Democratic primary, not endorsing a candidate and not appearing that he has any plan to. This week, Obama announced on behalf of the Democratic National Committee that he was supporting something called the Unity Fund, meant to build resources for the eventual nominee.

As CNN reported, the effort appears to be a reaction to fractions that emerged within the Democratic Party during the 2016 race, when a number of Sanders supporters felt the DNC was tilted against their candidate, and a smaller number chose either not to vote for him or to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton. Obama's support for the fund seems to make it unlikely that he would endorse Joe Biden, at least not before Biden secures the party's nomination.