Swedish Model Anna Nystrom Shows Off Shapely Thighs, Perfectly Curvy Booty On Instagram

Currently enjoying a meteoric rise to social media fame on popular photo and video sharing platform Instagram, Swedish model Anna Nystrom seems poised for even greater things. The platinum blonde bombshell is widely known as one of the most attractive women on the site, currently boasting a substantial following of 7.8 million individual Instagram users.

Now, in her most recent image, it appears that Anna is taking some time to relax, stepping into something more casual. Adopting a seated pose atop some irregular brickwork, the Swedish stunner stares directly into the camera lens, her dark eyes smoldering. Perfectly shaped brows and a smoky eye further accentuate her sensual gaze. Her shocked locks are styled in a sweeping side part, her long, silky tresses spilling freely down to frame her face, resting upon her arms.

Clad in a sleeveless white top and a pair of high-waisted tan shorts, Anna looks both chic and casual. Her supple thighs, shapely derriere, and slender waistline are all showcased by her ensemble, as well as by her pose. A pair of Nike trainers can be seen on her feet, white ankle socks peeking out of the tops.

Anna's makeup, as usual, is professionally applied. Some foundation, bronzer, and a hint of blush join her nude lips to create an elegant cosmetic aesthetic.

In the extremely brief caption attached to the image, Anna Nystrom speaks of her current elevation -- be that literal or figurative in nature. Her fans didn't seem to mind her brevity, nor the fact that she often prefers to let her looks do the talking, quickly awarding over 10,000 likes and 100-plus comments to the share.

"Angels lives [sic] in clouds," one smooth operator remarked, capping off their romantic comment with a single heart-eyed emoji.

"GOOD AFTERNOON BEAUTIFUL SUNSHINE," a second supporter quipped in all caps, sprinkling their message with a litany of romantic emoji.

"Curly hair suits you," a third admirer wrote, giving their opinion on Anna's world-famous hair.

With Swagger having recently placed Anna Nystrom at No. 15 on their list of the top 100 Instagram models to keep an eye on, it looks like the blonde bombshell has already started to gain some mainstream media traction. Her iconic curves, feisty attitude, and commitment to continue posting on a regular basis have lifted her from the rest of the pack into a position of relative notoriety in the modeling world.

That being said, her fans don't care how popular she becomes -- they just want to see more of her, and cannot wait to see what she might share with them next.