American Fitness Model Jen Selter Flaunts Full, Perfect Derriere In Impossibly Tight Yoga Pants

Jen Selter appears in a white outfit.
Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

While Jen Selter may have made a name for herself over the past few years as one of the world’s leading fitness icons, she has also managed to turn her own gorgeous looks to her advantage. Boasting a huge social media following of 12.7 million individual Instagram users, it’s beyond debate that Jen has surpassed many of her peers in her quest to be recognized for her hard work — as well as her hard body.

Her efforts are clearly paying off — if her most recent Instagram share is any indication. A series of five short video clips posted by Jen shows her in a variety of different poses, performing various exercises for the benefit of her audience. Whether one is viewing the clips out of a genuine interest in fitness goals or rather for personal entertainment, the beauty and ability of the American exercise guru cannot be denied.

In the first clip, Jen performs a short set of lunges, barbell in hand. Her world-famous booty is captured in full profile in this pose, as are her shapely hips and flat stomach. Clad in a pair of skintight white yoga pants which leave very little to the imagination, the brunette bombshell flaunts every inch of her curves to the camera lens. The four proceeding clips succeed both in educating her audience as to how to properly execute some at-home exercises and in teasing her admirers and their desires.

In the lengthy caption attached to the post, Jen Selter gave the proper names for each of the demonstrated exercises while simultaneously plugging her newest mobile app. Despite the all-business tone of the message, her fans seemed to be quite impressed with the share — quickly lavishing over 97,000 likes and 600-plus comments on it in less than a day.

“I’m jealous of that view,” one devotee quipped, artfully remarking on both the model and the vista visible from beyond the full-length windows.

“Thank you so much!! I love all of your workout videos. Helps so much,” a second fan gushed, adding a solid heart emoji for emphasis.

Jen Selter, herself, replied to this follower, offering some words of encouragement.

“@brookexo.uwu awww you are the cutest!! That makes me so happy!”

Jen Selter’s team recently put out a press release, via PRWeb, that details the launch of her newest product. Perfectly in line with her general image and aesthetic, Selter has launched a new protein bar — the Jensta Bar — which is now available worldwide. Sure to be a success, much like the rest of her brand offerings, this latest product joins a litany of bold endeavors put forth by the Instagram influencer.