May 18, 2019
Meghan Markle Will Be A 'Strict' Mom But Not Too 'Intense,' Says One Of Her Close Friends

Even though she's still on maternity leave, Meghan Markle remains in the spotlight. For instance, now that she's a new mom, there's a lot of speculation about what her parenting style will be. One of her friends answered that question in an interview that was included in a new CBS documentary special about the Sussexes, Meghan and Harry Plus One.

"Meghan and I have talked about her being a mother for over a decade. She's always wanted to be a mom. She is going to be such a good mother," said actress Janina Gavankar, as reported by Entertainment Tonight. "I think she'll be very low-maintenance, very hands-on, the way she would have been if she hadn't married into the royal family."

There are lots of reasons to believe that Janina would have insight into what Meghan would be like as a mom. The actress is one of Meghan's closest girlfriends and attended the royal wedding. As The Daily Express reports, they've known each other for 15 years and met when they were both auditioning actresses trying to make a name for themselves in Hollywood. Meghan ended up finding success on Suits while Gavankar landed roles on True Blood, The L Word and the video game, Star Wars Battlefront II.

Meghan also gushed about the friendship on her Instagram page before she was forced to shut it down, The Daily Express notes.

"So we sit on FaceTime or Skype and we talk for hours, mostly about things that are intensely important to us," Janina said of their friendship in an interview with Good Morning America as reported by the Express.

There are probably lots of royal fans wondering when they'll get even the tiniest glimpse at The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's parenting style in action. That would most likely happen on their first royal tour as a family. As The Inquisitr reported, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry had previously scheduled a tour of North America but that trip has been postponed to 2020 because they think baby Archie is too young to travel overseas.

But there are also reports that Meghan might unofficially visit Los Angeles to introduce her baby to her home state.

For now, though, Sussex family fans will have to depend on insight from Meghan's friends.

In Meghan and Harry Plus One, Daniel Martin, her go-to makeup artist, said that he's pretty sure Harry will be the dad who's always playing with his kid, which shouldn't come as a surprise to any fan who has been following Harry's life. He recalled that even when they were setting up the family portrait, he was on the ground playing with the kids from the bridal party.

"That is when I knew he was going to be the coolest dad," Martin said.