May 18, 2019
Doutzen Kroes Rocks Bikini While Skateboarding On Instagram

Doutzen Kroes was spotted on the Instagram feed for Tropic of C, which isn't a huge surprise. After all, Tropic of C is the fashion line run by Candice Swanepoel, whom Kroes knows through her work with Victoria's Secret. In the photo, the model was spotted wearing a brown bikini from the Tropic of C line. She wore her hair down, along with aviators and white hoop earrings. She looked like she was in amazing shape, as she skateboarded down the street.

Meanwhile, Kroes is busy keeping her fans updated on her page. This includes a new post of her wearing a strappy red dress. In the photo, Doutzen sat with her back facing the camera, as she looked over her right shoulder. She wore drop earrings with sparkling gems, while most of her back was left exposed. The photo garnered over 8,500 likes.

That's not all, however, as the model shared a cover of a new Vogue Polska magazine where she was featured. The Instagram update revealed that the cover photo was of Kroes rocking a very curly hairstyle, as she smiled widely. Her eyes were completely closed in the shot. The image was also black-and-white, while the lettering was in yellow.

With that being said, it had been a while since Kroes was spotted in a bikini. After all, the newest Instagram post that included swimwear was from May 2. In that photo, the model wore white bikini bottoms while wearing a t-shirt. It looked like she was caught mid-stride as she walked around outside by some trees.

In other news, she previously spoke with Harper's Bazaar, discussing her personal life and beauty tips.

"I sounds so clichéd but it definitely chimes from within. You can put as much make-up on as you want, and hide certain things, but it's cyclical. So, when you have gratitude and feel good, make-up emphasises how you feel already. I see products as a tool to look even better and then because you look even better then you feel even better – it's a positive circle."
"I'm discovering by practicing gratitude - that when you feel grateful and find that in the smallest of moments you then find it over and over again," noted Kroes, when asked about how she works on inside-out beauty.

She also added that the effect of practicing gratitude is that she's felt happier and happier. With that being said, her 6.1 million Instagram fans can stay tuned to her social media for any new updates and surprises from Kroes.