May 18, 2019
Cara Delevingne Goes Topless In Leggings On Instagram

Cara Delevingne shared a new Instagram post white going topless, and it's received over 402,000 likes in the past 18 hours. The photo showed her in what looked like a typical workout outfit at first glance. However, she was going topless, covering her chest with her hands while sporting skintight leggings and sneakers. The leggings had ties on the sides, which left some skin showing. In addition, the model wore a black baseball hat and dark sunglasses, as she posed on the ground with greenery visible behind her.

But things aren't just fun and games right now, as Cara took a moment to protest the Alabama abortion ban. The controversial new ban in the state disallows abortions in most cases, including when a woman is raped. This has caused an outcry, with many female celebrities stepping out to protest the new ban. Delevingne did so by posting a now-popular image that's circulating Instagram. It's a black square with a white font that simply reads, "Men shouldn't be making laws about women's bodies." The statement is repeated over and over again. It received over 1.6 million likes.

Prior to that, Cara dedicated several Instagram updates to her Met Gala 2019 outfit. She wore a super-colorful ensemble, which had a nude-toned layer at the base with colorful horizontal stripes that covered her from head to toe. Her headpiece was also a showstopper featuring bananas and lollipops. She also held a rainbow-colored baton in her hands. Her fans were also feeling the outfit, as one of the updates received over 737,000 likes.

Previously, Cara spoke with Numero Magazine about her career.
"I believe that society often wants to put people in a box, and I feel it's important for people to know that individuality is beautiful, whether it's to do with the way you look or who you love. In my interviews, or even in the roles I choose, I always try to get across the idea that believing in who you are is important."
"I'm so proud of becoming the ambassador for Dior and of joining the iconic group of women who have represented the house in the past – women who are known for their bold creative choices," she added, discussing the then-new update that she was going to be the face of Capture Youth by Dior Parfums.It's no surprise that Dior wanted Cara to be the face of their new perfume. She has over 42 million Instagram fans, after all. And it's not just her fanbase that sets her apart, as she has a very distinct look and has cultivated a successful career so far, spanning many industries.