May 18, 2019
Jessica Goicoechea Dons Hot Pink Bikini On Instagram

Jessica Goicoechea is clearly feeling summer vibes already, as she shared a new bikini video with her Instagram fans. The clip showed Jessica laying on the sand at the beach, as rock formations were visible behind her. It looked like she got a little bit of sun that day, as she pouted for the camera and struck several sultry poses. She wore her hair in a very high ponytail and wore a black scrunchie. It looked like her arms and midriff were getting a little sandy, which is no wonder. The clip has been watched over 253,000 times in the past day.

Prior to that, Jessica flaunted her curves in a black bodysuit that had a low neckline. She placed her right hand on her hair and posed in front of a small pool. There was a black Chanel bag next to her, and her hair looked flawless.

Another Instagram photo that received a ton of attention was her post from mid-May when she wore just lingerie and heels. In the post, she crouched down low to the ground in what looked like YSL black heels. She wore a black bra and thong bottoms only, accessorizing with large, black hoop earrings.

The model has a website, and she shared some of her personal information there so that her fans can get to know her better.
"Jessica was born in Barcelona in 1996. From an early age, she was interested in the fashion world, and it was in her early teens when she decided to follow her dream of being a model. Despite her height not being the standard for the fashion world (1.67 m), she was very determinated [sic] and she found an agency to be representated [sic] at the age of fifteen."
The model then went on to describe how she ultimately found her success.
"But it wasn't till a year later that her dreams came true. She started uploading pictures to a very new social platform at at time, called Instagram. She didn't knew that her life was about to change forever."
With over one million Instagram followers, it certainly looks as though Jessica has done well for herself. She's pursued entrepreneurial opportunities too, starting a cosmetics line called Goi. There's also a clothing brand under the same name, which sells modern clothing pieces, along with sexy swimsuits. It'll be interesting to see what else Jessica has in store for the rest of the year.