May 18, 2019
Alex Rodriguez 'Has No Case' Against Photographer Of Viral Toilet Photo Under Lenient New York Law

Alex Rodriguez may want to flush away plans for legal action against a rogue photographer who took a photo of him doing his bathroom business. A-Rod was caught on the can in a now-viral photo snapped from the building adjacent to the luxurious $17. 5 million Park Avenue pad he shares with fiancée Jennifer Lopez. In the pic, the former Yankees star is looking down at his phone as he sits on the toilet.

Rodriguez' lawyers are reportedly "all over this" as they try to find out who the unidentified photographer is, zeroing in on tenants at the building next door who would have a clear view into the baseball legend's bathroom window, as previously shared by The Inquisitr. Tenants at the building next door include Harbinger Group, Ortelius Capital Partners, and JMP Securities.

But legal experts say that New York's lenient privacy laws may make it hard for Alex Rodriguez to take legal action against his nosy neighbor. In fact, under current New York law, Rodriguez has "no case," privacy lawyer Brad Shear told Page Six.

"Under New York law, you better put your blinds down. He's lucky he wasn't standing there buck naked."
Amazingly, in 2015 an appeals court ruled that a series of images snapped through New Yorkers' windows was not a privacy violation. Privacy advocates were outraged when photographer Arne Svenson was not found liable of any wrongdoing when he created an art gallery show titled "The Neighbors," which was comprised of photos of he took through the windows of New Yorkers' lower Manhattan apartments without their consent, according to ArtNet.
Svenson's show "The Neighbors" opened at Julie Daul Gallery in 2013 and even included photos of children unwittingly snapped by the peeping photographer. But a court ruled in favor of Svenson on the grounds that the photographs were protected under the First Amendment "in the form of art."

According to the New Yorker, Svenson consulted with a lawyer before "spying" on his neighbors and he ultimately took thousands of shots over the course of one year. While many of the photos featured people doing daily tasks like eating breakfast or watching TV, one questionable shot was reportedly described as "little girl, dancing in her tiara; half naked."

Meanwhile, a tenant in Rodriguez' building told Page Six that if there are pictures of the MLB star on the toilet, "there's probably pictures of other things too."

Alex Rodriguez has not publicly commented on the bizarre bathroom photo that is making the rounds on social media.