May 18, 2019
Brazilian Bombshell Suelyn Medeiros Flaunts Her Curves In A Teeny Nude Bikini

Brazilian Bombshell Suelyn Medeiros treated her fans to some sultry photos throughout the week on Instagram.

The model is known for her dance moves, having starred in R&B and Latin music videos featuring Snoop Dog and Chris Brown. In addition, she has dabbled in acting, and won roles in Dysfunctional Friends and The Bold and the Beautiful. Finally, she is a social media influencer followed by 2.9 million fans and has her own clothing line called Bombshell by Suelyn.

Early in the week, Suelyn treated her fans to a series of photos taken in a teeny beige bikini while on the beach. The bikini features a triangle style top and bottom with black trim. The nude color plays beautifully off Suelyn's tanned limbs. Suelyn sported matching nude sunglasses and gold stacked bracelets to accessorize the look. To add to the sultriness, her long black hair is let loose and flows in the wind.

In the first of the three photos, Suelyn poses on her knees while on the beach. Her hands are running through her hair and the shot is framed with the flowing water of the tide and picturesque rocks in the background. In the second, Suelyn ventures into the water and playfully tugs at her straps. The third is a glamor shot, where she models a side pose to the camera.

"Beautiful love," one fan commented.

"Wooow perfect body," agreed another.

The nude bikini shot was not the only upload that the Brazilian bombshell had for fans this week. She posted another picture where she wears almost the exact same bikini, though in green. Instead of on the beach, Suelyn is posing against a rustic wood wall.

This picture was also popular with fans, and earned nearly 60,000 likes and a little over 420 comments.

She also posted a picture of herself on the beach wearing a white crochet ensemble from Fashion Nova, for whom she has a modeling contract.

However, not all updates were bikini based. For example, the model also updated fans with a shot of herself in a pink dress, also from the brand Fashion Nova.

In the shot, Suelyn wears a pink bodycon with a cross front detail. In addition to the sultry dress, Suelyn paired the look with pink patent heels and a fuzzy cape. Her luscious locks completed the look, as she posed in what appears to be a hotel lobby.

"BEAUTIFUL," a fan wrote, using three heart-eyed emojis to emphasize the sentiment.

"Omg!! I'm loving this!!" agreed another.

Though not as popular as her bikini photos, the picture nonetheless earned over 45,000 likes.