JC Penney Employees Watched 5 Million YouTube Videos In One Month

A recent report found that JC Penney employees watched roughly five million YouTube videos in a single month.

The internal investigation highlighted the fact that staff often spent more time “cyberloafing” than actually getting anything done. According to The Atlantic, around 4,800 employees were busted for spending quite a bit of company time on YouTube.

When you divide those five million videos by the number of workers the company has at its office in Plano, Texas, that boils down to roughly 52 videos a day per employee. January had an estimated 20 regular work days.

MSN explains the investigation into how employees spent their time at the office was conducted in January of 2012. CEO Ron Johnson was apparently very unhappy with the findings, going as far as to say that he “hated the JC Penney culture.” He also described the work environment as “pathetic.”

Johnson reportedly spent a lot of time getting rid of unproductive employees. When all was said and done, around 1,600 people were let go from the company.

According to The Wall Street Journal, a large portion of the company’s bandwidth was devoted to watching YouTube videos. The five million videos employees consumed in one month accounted for nearly 35 percent of the company’s total bandwidth.

How much time do employees spend online when they should be working? The Inquisitr previously reported that nearly 80 percent of people spend their time at work “cyberloafing.” The recent study also revealed that poor work habits are found in both younger and older employees.

Study co-author Joseph Ugrin explained:

Older people are doing things like managing their finances, while young people found it much more acceptable to spend time on social networking sites like Facebook.

What do you think about the JC Penney employees who watched over five million YouTube videos in a single month? How much time do you spend “cyberloafing?”