Instagram Reacts To Kim Kardashian's 'Psalm West' Baby Name And It's Hilarious

The news that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have named their fourth son Psalm West is less than three hours old. On May 17, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star broke her silence. As The Daily Mail reports, the fourth Kardashian baby now has a publicly-shared name. His arrival was announced last Friday via Kim's Twitter.

Earlier this evening, Kim took to Instagram to announce Psalm's name. She shared a screenshot from her phone – the text message sent to Kanye, which came with a picture of their sleeping son and a simple caption. All Kim wrote was her baby's name.

Instagram has been reacting. While the response has proven overwhelmingly positive, a few users have been leaving amusing comments. One seemed keen to play on words, per their comment.

"Should have called him hymn x," they said.

Another picked up on the A-List nature of the Kardashian family, per their words.

"@krnhealy because Sam is too mainstream," the commenter said.

Of course, Instagram will always turn to popular culture. One fan referenced the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth via a comment.

"PSALM-BODY ONCE TOLD ME," they wrote.

Interestingly, some individuals queried whether Kim carried Psalm herself. The 38-year-old announced that her fourth child would arrive via a surrogate in January – Kim's third child, Chicago, was also welcomed via a surrogate. Others asked if Psalm is adopted.

How Kim and Kanye are choosing to pronounce their son's name hasn't been clarified. Fans are, however, probing the matter.

"Wait psalm west LOL how do we pronounce that?" one asked.

The same question was asked by various users in various ways.

As has become commonplace on celebrity social media, many comments turned into full-blown debates. As one user took to the platform to explain the proper pronunciation as having a silent "P," another questioned the safety of the photographed crib.

"I know trolls try to tell you what to do all the time, but @kimkardashian, this sleeping arrangement is very unsafe!" they wrote.

Elsewhere, comments pointed toward this baby's 41-year-old father. One user felt that all four of Kim's children have names influenced by the rapper.

"You can deny, but to me it seems they are ALL so kanye. Pretty sure he thinks he is the second coming of Christ born in Chicago," they wrote.

Kim and Kanye are parents to North, Saint, and Chicago. All three children follow the Kardashian-Jenner-adored trend of opting for unusual or offbeat names. Kylie Jenner has named her daughter Stormi. Khloe Kardashian went for True.

Kim and Kanye appear to have gone down the biblical route with their fourth baby name. Instagram has yet to make its peace with the choice, though.