May 17, 2019
Samantha Hoopes Shows Off Big Baby Bump In Tiny String Bikini On Instagram

Samantha Hoopes flaunted her baby bump on Instagram on Friday when she posted a photo of herself rocking a string bikini near a pool. The Sports Illustrated model paired the swimsuit with a pair of chic sunglasses and she appears to be radiating that "expectant mommy" glow as she poses for the camera.

The model's fans filled the comments section with praise for her beauty.

"Such an amazing gorgeous pregnant babe - enjoy this special event!!!" wrote one follower.

In her pregnancy announcement post a couple of months ago, Samantha Hoopes revealed that her baby is due in August of this year.

"This journey so far has opened my eyes to how beautiful the woman's body is! It's truly incredible what nature can do and what love between two people can create," she wrote in the post.

The model is currently engaged to the baby's father, Salvatore Palella, an Italian businessman. He swept Hoopes off her feet with a very romantic proposal during which he surrounded her with red roses, one for each day they had known each other up until that point, The Independent reported.

According to their article, the two lovebirds met in Portofino on the Italian Riviera in June of 2017, and have been together ever since. They actually got engaged in the same village where they first met.

"380 days we have looked at each other in the eyes and then (380 days and then 381 bc of time zones).. this morning on the airplane back to where we first met where you presented 381 roses from now until forever we will be together and today we promised to be forever together!" she wrote in her engagement announcement post on Instagram.

After the proposal, they traveled around Italy, The Independent notes, and visited Porto Cervo, Florence, and the Gucci Garden

Samantha hasn't announced when she plans to get married. It's likely that they're focused on preparing to become parents since that's going to happen in a couple of months.

Although, she appears to be really enjoying her pregnancy, Hoopes has admitted that carrying a baby has its drawbacks. In an Instagram post from April, she complained about having to deal with "changes" to her skin and having to use more makeup to help keep it looking pristine for the camera.

Samantha also hinted that she's working on a site where she'll introducing fans to all of the ways that she's been dealing with the life-changing experience of pregnancy.