May 17, 2019
Sommer Ray Sizzles In A Thong Bikini In A New Video -- And Instagram Is Going Wild

Instagram is going wild for Sommer Ray's latest update, in which the beauty sets pulses racing in a video where she shows off her famously pert posterior in a thong bikini. Though only posted three hours ago, the video already has nearly 700,000 views and over 2,700 comments.

Sommer, who is known for her killer bod, has nearly 21 million followers on Instagram. She recently created a clothing line, Shop Sommer Ray, which features swimwear, athleisure, and other casual clothing -- as well as the pink snakeskin bikini she seductively models in the clip shared on the social media website.

The video opens with the song "Green" by Demn, as Sommer walks along the beach against crashing waves. Next comes a closeup of Sommer's face, which is completely makeup-free and framed by her natural wavy hair. The video often clips back to this closeup shot.

In the other segments, Sommer is not shy in showing off her toned body. In one clip, she is filmed from behind before twisting around to give the camera a side view of her body. In another, she playfully snaps at the tie to her bikini bottom. In a third, she seductively strokes the back of her upper thighs.

Fans are loving the video, where it already earned nearly 300,000 likes.

This is not the first time that Sommer has posed in this particular bikini. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the social media star posted another video where she donned the sultry look -- though the video ended in laughs after her sunglasses ruined her vixen like vibes.

The specific bikini that Sommer wears in the clip is the triangle bra bikini top and skinny high-cut bikini bottom, both in the pink snakeskin shade. Both are available for purchase on the model's website, where the top costs for $17.99 and the bottom $14.99.

Despite fame and fortune, Sommer admitted in an interview with Life & Style that she still occasionally deals with insecurity.

"People come up to me like 'oh I want to be you,' but a lot of days I don't even want to be me... I'm probably the hardest on myself, people only see my highlight reel, but I'm a normal human, some days I feel bloated and fat and gross."
To try and show girls that she's an "actual human," Sommer is sure to show the silly and even occasionally ugly parts of the her life. For example, Sommer recently posted a video where she called herself a "gross eater," as she ungracefully devoured a sandwich to Lil Wayne, per The Inquisitr.