Blac Chyna Opens Up On Sex Tape, 'It Was Very Humiliating'

Blac Chyna tends toward provocative. This outspoken reality star opts for eye-popping outfits, but her latest reveal is showing a different side. On May 17, the model and former stripper took to The Breakfast Club's morning radio. As Complex reports, the feature saw Chyna speak about her 2018-filmed sex tape.

"A lot of girls like hurt themselves or whatever. We can joke about it now, but it was very humiliating. But hey, happened in my life, deal with it."
Chyna did, however, dodge part of the interview. Complex reports the 31-year-old being asked if she was "in love" with her ex-boyfriend Mechie, the rapper who filmed last year's sexual encounter, per a separate Complex report. Chyna's words did not answer the question.
"Definitely was lit that night. It happened, it's old, it's in the past. I feel like everybody had been filmed."
The star then confirmed regret at having been filmed.

Footage of the interview shows the mother of one dressed in white. She's opted for a statement trilby hat, cleavage-flaunting cropped top and matching lower. While not throwing out the provocation seen on Chyna's Instagram, the outfit was braless with visible underboob-flashing. Chyna's interview came as the run-up to her new reality show, The Real Blac Chyna.

This morning's interview also covered other controversial areas in this celebrity's past. The 2018 outburst that saw Chyna swing a stroller at a woman who made contact with her daughter, Dream, was addressed. Chyna admitted that she had "snapped." She was, however, defensive in her explanation regarding the incident.
"Nobody's gonna touch my kids after I told you don't touch them."
Chyna then added that people being "crazy" could have put Dream at the risk of being stabbed or choked. Elsewhere, the model's alleged altercation with Alexis Skyy was probed. As Complex reports, Chyna "purportedly threw a drink" at Skyy during a party. The "fight" was denied by Chyna.
Of course, an interview with Blac Chyna isn't complete without questioning her high-profile links to the Kardashians. Chyna was engaged to Rob Kardashian. Their relationship was documented on the now-axed Rob & Chyna. Together, Rob and Chyna co-parent their two-year-old daughter. Chyna revealed that she "no longer speaks" to the family. Allegations that the Kardashian-Jenners "interfered" with Rob & Chyna (and the lawsuit that ensued) proved a further talking point. For Chyna, reaching some kind of "agreement" is, as she said, "always a goal." She then added that until such an "agreement" is reached, she's getting on with her life.

Chyna joins other high-profile celebrities who have made sex tape headlines. Kim Kardashian and Teen Mom OG's Farrah Abraham have both had Internet-circulated sex tapes. For Chyna though, today offers fans some insight. Chyna found it "humiliating."