May 17, 2019
Kendall Jenner Talks Ben Simmons In 'Vogue Australia' Interview

Every indication in the last few weeks has been that Kendall Jenner and her basketball player boyfriend, Ben Simmons, are no longer a couple. Jenner did not appear at any of Simmons' games throughout the Philadelphia 76ers' playoff run, even though she'd been a frequent presence during the NBA regular season, and there were reports of Jenner being seen with other men in recent weeks, including former boyfriends.

However, Jenner has now given a new interview which speaks of her and Simmons' relationship as if it's still ongoing. The interview happened to run in Vogue Australia, and Simmons grew up in Australia.

In the interview published Friday as the cover story in Vogue Australia's June 2019 issue, Jenner talks about her modeling career, her famous family, and her day-to-day life as well as some statements about her relationship with the NBA player. It's not clear exactly when the interview took place. Per The Daily Mail, Jenner was in Australia in early April for a Tiffany's store opening, so it's possible that the interview happened during that visit.

"She is dating Australian-born basketballer Ben Simmons, also 23, and although the pair do not talk openly about their relationship, they are clearly smitten," writer Jessica Montague wrote in the Vogue story.

When asked about her Tiffany & Co. endorsement campaign and whether she might want to combine her work with the jewelry company with the receipt of an actual engagement ring, the model said, "Maybe. Definitely not now, but maybe one day."

Jenner also discussed learning how to navigate famous high-profile relationships from those of her older sisters in the Vogue interview. She also answered questions on camera for Vogue Australia's YouTube channel.

While neither Simmons nor Jenner ever confirmed that they had broken up, multiple media reports to that effect appeared in April, per The Inquisitr. Another report stated that Simmons was seeking to avoid Jenner, so as not to be distracted, during Philadelphia's playoff run. That run ended last Sunday when the 76ers lost Game 7 of their Eastern Conference playoff series to the Toronto Raptors on a last-second shot by Kawhi Leonard.

When Jenner began attending Simmons' game in the early part of the season, some 76ers fans even launched a petition to ban the model from the arena, believing she was a distraction. However, other fans soon began noticing that the Sixers had a positive won/loss record in games attended by Jenner, which did a lot to mute the opposition.