May 17, 2019
Halle Berry Flashes Black Bra & Tight Abs In See-Through Mesh Top

Halle Berry gave her fans quite an eyeful of her incredibly fit figure in her latest Instagram update. Earlier today, the 52-year-old stunner took to the popular social media platform to drop her usual "Fitness Friday" snap – and stirred quite a lot of reaction amid her massive following.

Clad in an all-black workout outfit, Halle showed off her envy-inducing physique in a steamy photo that also featured her trainer of three years, Peter Lee Thomas. Rocking a pair of black leggings and a see-through mesh top, Halle flaunted her chiseled frame in the flattering workout outfit, showing that her intense physical training for the role of Sofia in the John Wick 3 movie has really paid off.

While Halle often poses together with her trainer to document her fun workout routine in eye-catching snaps, her latest "Fitness Friday" photo was considerably more on the skin-baring side than most of her fitness-themed pics. For one thing, Halle showed a lot of skin in the sizzling snap, flashing her taut waistline and washboard abs through her sheer top.

In fact, Halle's black mesh top did very little to cover up her sculpted torso. Wearing practically next-to-nothing from the waist up, the John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum actress unabashedly flashed the black bra she had on underneath, exposing some serious cleavage in the process.

If Halle's see-through top left very little to the imagination, Peter upped the ante by taking his off completely. Posing in nothing but a pair of black shorts, Halle's personal trainer showed off his brawny arms and glistening six-pack in the steamy pic.

For her latest Instagram snap, Halle cozied up to her trainer, resting her left hand and temple on his strong shoulder. Tugging down on her sheer top, the gorgeous actress looked directly into the camera with a drowsy expression on her face and a bashful smile.

Meanwhile, Peter appeared to be holding one hand on Halle's back. With his other hand firmly lodged on his hip, he showed off his muscular body in the sexy pose, giving a coy smile to the camera.

This is not the first time that Halle and her trainer have appeared together in an Instagram snap. The duo often poses for alluring photos in a bid to showcase Halle's fitness regimen, and even co-host a regular segment on her Instagram page. Known as the "PHIT Talks" series, the segment is devoted to everything health, wellness, and beauty related — and serves as a platform for Berry to share her secrets on getting and maintaining her age-defying appearance.

In the photo caption, Halle penned a lengthy message detailing the topic of today's "PHIT Talks" episode, one focused on the transition to a keto lifestyle. At the same time, she reminded fans not to miss the nationwide premiere of John Wick 3, which hits theaters today.

As expected, her skin-baring photo didn't go unnoticed by her legion of Instagram followers. The photo garnered over 50,000 likes. In addition, more than 400 of her fans took to the comments section to show their appreciation and admiration for the ageless beauty.

"Some Girls are just Hot Hot Hot!!!!!," wrote one person, while another described Halle as "the hottest, coolest, kindest" in a message ending with a couple of heart emojis.

One Instagram user was very impressed with Halle's outfit, which they labeled as "fabulous," and wanted to know what brand she was wearing.

As per usual, Halle's Instagram followers showered the actress with love and lots of compliments. However, Peter got his fair share of attention, as many of Halle's female fans couldn't help but notice the shirtless trainer – and brand him as a total eye-candy.

"Damn he's hot," commented one person.

"Can I hire him to just stand on my front lawn?" inquired another.

"I really don't care about the caption, I'm just looking at the dude," read another message, trailed by a string of flattering emojis.

One particularly ardent fan had this to say.

"My eyes burning from the #Heat [three fire emojis] @peterleethomas. Seriously tho, #Fitness is def a thing!! #FitisLife"