November 1, 2019
Lindsey Pelas Goes Fully Topless, Says 'You're Welcome'

Lindsey Pelas is a heavyweight. This blonde bombshell has modeled for Playboy, Maxim and GQ. Lindsey's latest Instagram update doesn't come from a magazine, though. The 27-year-old has gone fully topless for a selfie -- and she's gotten ahead of her fans with the caption.

On May 17, the model updated her Instagram. There's a distinctly retro feel to Lindsey's selfie – while she's channeling the Instagram-adored trend, she isn't holding a smartphone. Her hand-held camera comes old-school and large. Likewise maxi-size seems to be the amount of cleavage Lindsey has opted to flaunt. Her high-waisted briefs could well be underwear, but the purple material appears ambiguous since if she's wearing a swimsuit, it's likely been pulled down.

Pelas is covering her modesty with her right hand and a well-placed left elbow. With full-frontal positioning that accentuates Lindsey's good looks, today's update comes complete with the model's signature blonde hair, parted pout and blue-eyed gaze.

An amusing caption has told fans that they're "welcome." It also announced that the camera was a purchase for Lindsey's upcoming birthday – Lindsey turns 28 in two days.

Fans are loving it. One seemed to have a suggestion, per their comment.

"Since you got yourself a camera for your should take pics of you in your birthday suit! Happy Birthday!"
"Holy Jesus You're looking like a snack," another fan wrote.

Interestingly, by telling fans that they're "welcome," Lindsey seems to have bypassed comments that would usually precede the phrase – few fans appear to be saying "thank you." Whether or not this was intentional hasn't been clarified. Either way though, Instagram seems grateful for the update. Lindsey was called "beautiful" and a "babe" amid a plethora of praise-worthy responses.

There is a definite humorous streak to Lindsey. Flaunt her cleavage she might, but this model comes with wit. Pelas' Eyes Up Here Podcast is announced in her bio. The name seems pretty self-explanatory. Likewise tongue-in-cheek is the opening line of Lindsey's bio. Her Louisiana roots and "LA" location are honored, but it's the "Genetically Gifted" that packs a punch. Given this stunner's bone structure and knock-out features though, the phrase seems fitting.Lindsey has nine million Instagram followers. While not a power model on Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid's level, Pelas gets her red carpet invites. Her recent appearance at Cardi B's Fashion Nova launch (seen above) came with flashing cameras and Pelas as their focus.

Cardi does not appear to follow Lindsey on Instagram. Another Hollywood face, however, does. High-profile model and ex-fiancée to Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna follows her. Fans wishing to subscribe to Pelas' updates can follow her on Instagram.