Princess Martha Louise Of Norway Reveals That She’s Currently Dating An American ‘Shaman’

Princess Martha Louise Instagram

Princess Martha Louise of Norway is in love. The fourth in line to the throne revealed on Instagram that she is currently in a relationship with an American spiritual guru who goes by the name of “Shaman Durek.” His real name is Derek Verrett.

“When you meet your twin flame, you know. I have been lucky enough to have met mine. @shamandurek has changed my life like he does with so many,” the princess wrote in the caption of the post. “He has made me realize that unconditional love actually exists here on this planet.”

As The Daily Mail reports, during an interview with Good Morning Norway, Martha revealed that she has already introduced Durek to her parents King Harald V and Queen Sonja. He said that meeting the senior European royals was a beautiful experience.

During the interview, the couple was asked whether they planned to get married. Neither one of them answered the question directly, The Daily Mail notes.

“We don’t put these ideas of the future because we know it doesn’t exist. We know that every moment exists – this moment that we have and that we share,” Durek said.

They also showed off some PDA during their first public interview when he grabbed the princess’s hand and kissed it.

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There is a grace and beauty about life when you fall in love. Something softens in you that's unspeakable, however felt in the very depth of your soul. Then your eyes see more clearly yourself and everyone else with the same reflection the heart feels. To be loved or not to be loved for I'd rather be loved unconditionally then not to be loved at all. This is what I feel from @princessmarthalouise, pure acceptance of my multidimensional self. Not just the Shaman, however the woman in me, the strong man in me, the little boy, ET, the jaguar, the scientist and the angel and more. All loved by this Goddess, who I honor and worship. Where I can cry in her arms when I'm sad or hurt and laugh about life and its many complexities. A strong woman who lets me be me without judgement or confinement. I'm free when I'm with her, free to be me and love a women who is a bright light of wisdom and profound grace and immense beauty. Happy Mothers Day powerful women of the world. I honor you and your devotion to life. Thank you @dhendersonphoto

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As People Magazine reports, Durek calls himself a gifted healer with the ability to transcend the “spiritual and physical planes,” and that he uses old spiritual wisdom to counsel his clients. According to People, some of those clients are well-known names in the entertainment industry, including James Van Der Beek, Nina Dobrev, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Durek, who claims to be a sixth generation shaman, has also said that his mother once predicted that he would marry a princess. He added that he thought the notion was funny at the time and did not believe that it would actually come true.

Another article by The Daily Mail reports that Princess Martha was one of his clients before she became his girlfriend.

“Falling in love with a client was the last thing on Shaman Durek’s mind,” a source told the Mail. “But their attraction for each other was inevitable.”

The insider went on to say that Durek believes that he and Princess Martha were husband and wife in a past life. He also thinks that he was a monarch in a previous life as well.

A lot of the comments in the announcement post were supportive while others pointed out the racial difference between Princess Martha and Durek. This reaction is a reminder of the reception Meghan Markle received when she and Prince Harry confirmed that they were in a relationship.