‘House Of Cards’: ‘A Great Success,’ Says Netflix Chief

Are you watching Netflix’s House of Cards? If you aren’t, you may find yourself in a small group of people that aren’t. The first original series by Netflix, and one of the first original series by a streaming company period is hitting all kinds of big marks for the streaming company.

It’s doing so well for Netflix, that CEO Reed Hastings has come out with a statement to say just how well the series is doing for the service: “The original series met all of our expectations” in becoming “a great success.” This is the celebratory news Netflix’s CEO had for the data analysts today at the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecommunications Conference.

Deadline reports Hastings continued by saying, the show is “confirmation of the thesis that we can build something really important.” And what’s the thesis, you ask? It’s that original programming can bring more subscribers on board to the Netflic service. Hasting explains: “In the beginning you’re developing a foundation.”

House of Cards stars big screen professionals like Kevin Spacey, and Kate Mara, but Netflix doesn’t want its viewers to solely focus on House of Cards. Rather to spread the love and continue to look forward to other additional shows that will be original firsts for Netflix:

“It’s our most viewed content today, but it’s not the center of the company. It may be the center of the PR for a while. That’s OK. Think of us as the original content company.”

Do you think House of Cards is only the beginning for the future of Netflix and original programming? What does this means for televised programming?