‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Finale Teasers Explained, Showrunner Hints At Where Things Head In Season 16

Thursday night’s Season 15 finale of Grey’s Anatomy left fans hanging on multiple fronts. Meredith declared her love for DeLuca after he was arrested, Jackson got into a big fight with Maggie — and ended up missing in the fog — and Jo accepted the need to have some in-patient psychiatric treatment. In addition to all of that, Karev, Meredith, and Webber were fired by Bailey — and Teddy gave birth to her daughter with Owen. What does all of this mean, and where do things head in Season 16?

Showrunner Krista Vernoff chatted with TV Line about Thursday night’s season finale. She teased that Meredith, Karev, and Webber might be out of work for a while after having been fired by Bailey, even though fans have to imagine all three will get their jobs back somehow, at some point.

Owen proclaimed his love for Teddy as she was giving birth to their daughter, but Grey’s Anatomy fans shouldn’t count Koracick out yet. Vernoff teased that the scene showing Tom assembling the nursery was shown for a reason, and that collateral damage is probably on the horizon with this complicated relationship dynamic.

Maggie and Jackson had a pretty intense fight as they were out in the wilderness together, and Vernoff teased that it was a significant fight — one that might be too much for them to move beyond together. However, after Jackson stopped the car, due to the intense fog, he went out to figure out what was going on. Then, as the finale wrapped up, he seemed to be missing — with Maggie starting to look for him.

Is Jackson in danger? Vernoff admitted that it’s worrisome that his whereabouts are currently unknown. In addition, she teased that this particular cliffhanger presents the writers with a lot to delve into in Season 16.

Vernoff also chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about Thursday’s finale. In terms of Jackson, she says that the cliffhanger was a creative decision, not a contract-driven one. She adds that the writers have not mapped out what’s next, and that the process of doing so will begin around mid-June.

Amelia talked with Link, and admitted she has things to work through, but that the door to a romance between them might remain open. Meredith filled Alex in on what Jo had learned when she met her biological mother, and he showed his support as Jo agreed to check into an in-patient program for mental health support.

Viewers also saw some sweet moments with Nico and Levi, and Grey’s Anatomy spoilers hint that there may be more to come from this couple next season. Vernoff revealed that, at the very least, actor Alex Landi and his character of Nico Kim would return on a recurring basis next fall. Jake Borelli, who plays Schmidt, has been upped to be a series regular.

Grey’s Anatomy was recently renewed for both Seasons 16 and 17, so the writers have a lot to work with when they get back to their offices this summer. Thursday’s finale was jam-packed with various cliffhangers, and now viewers have to wait for a few months to see what comes next for all of their favorite characters.

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