Christina Aguilera Flaunts Nude Body While Being Covered In Glitter And Gets Accused Of Copying

Christina Aguilera has posted a photo of herself on social media which consists of her wearing no clothes. The "Dirrty" singer is covered in glitter and doesn't appear to be wearing any garments. She captioned her upload with a quote from Einstein.

The photo shows off Xtina's side profile as well as her breasts as she looks down in the photo with her hair scraped back off of her face.

The picture uploaded 15 hours ago caught a lot of people's attention on her social media pages. While the photo has been liked over 167,000 times on Instagram, the comments section seems to focus on those mentioning that she copied a designer named Mikael Chukwuma Ikechi Owunna and that they weren't happy about it.

The designer has since called Christina out about it on his own Instagram page by uploading her image to his profile but hashtagging the word "appropriation" onto the actual photo she originally posted. He attached another image to the same upload to show an example of his work that he believes she stole the concept from.

"Looks like Christina Aguilera and her photographer @zoeygrossman stole my #InfiniteEssence concept for their latest shoot. I guess this is how black labor is always treated. 2 and a half years of work, labor, and conceptualization creating something to celebrate black people in a hostile world just for a celebrity to come in and steal it without credit," he said.

Christina or her photographer is yet to respond. In fact, Xtina has since uploaded a video to her Instagram to promote her Las Vegas residency which starts in two weeks, so it doesn't seem like she's focusing on the backlash right now. The clip consists of her residency poster on a billboard, which ironically is an image where she also has glitter on her face.

People seem to be torn. There are many that believe Christina stole Mikael's work, while a lot of others think that anyone can just post a photo of themselves naked in glitter and not be influenced by anyone else's work.

Aguilera fans seem to have her back on this one and have shared their opinion on the matter via Twitter.

"We see it over and over in media. You're not special. Women and men have been covering themselves in glitter forever," one wrote.

"You invented glitter sis?" another asked.

Earlier this year, The Inquisitr revealed that the "Ain't No Other Man" entertainer would be embarking on her first international tour in 13 years as well as performing her first-ever Las Vegas residency.

On Instagram, Christina Aguilera has over 5.9 million followers.