Instagram Model Julia Slonska Faces Backlash For Vandalizing Historic Polish Statue

Polish Instagram model Julia Slonska has allegedly taken her quest for followers too far. The influencer is facing severe criticism after she shared a six-second Instagram Stories video of herself defacing a 200-year-old statue as a reported "prank," according to Fox News.

The video was removed from the social media site, but a fan re-uploaded it to YouTube following the incident under the title "Stupid girl destroys 200 year old statue and posts it on Instagram."

The short clip showed Slonska standing in an oversized gray sweatshirt and leggings beside a postwar angel sculpture in Swiss Valley Park, Warsaw, Poland. She looked at her friend off-camera for the signal to begin, and then turned to the sculpture with a heavy hammer and repeatedly swung at its nose until flew off. The woman behind the camera laughed as the sculpture was damaged.

The footage has been viewed over 5,000 times. In the comments section on YouTube, fans expressed their outrage.

"Hope she gets jail time," one user said.

"Why they are so stupid? I don't understand this world anymore," another said.

Over on Twitter, others echoed these angry responses. Many called for Slonska to be arrested, while others insisted her social media accounts be boycotted. One person referred to the woman as "dumb and brainless."

The incident was allegedly part of Slonska's effort to gain more followers, Metro reported. She currently has 6,087 followers on Instagram.

Following the backlash, Slonska reportedly deleted her Facebook page. She has also stopped posting regularly on her Instagram page and disabled comments.

Slonska was dropped from an advertising deal with Polish online bank mBank. They had been sponsoring her content but backed out quickly when the video was released. The bank released a statement announcing their decision.

"We definitely do not support such behavior, and the appropriate services should deal with it. As for the responsibility for what the actress does many weeks after the completed photos are taken — we cannot be responsible for the individual choices of such people," a representative for the company said. "We do not plan to involve this girl in the next spots."

Slonska did issue an apology when she received criticism, according to LADBible. The woman called herself "so stupid" for her actions, but refused to say what "drove her" to vandalize the statue, as it was a "private affair."

She added that she "regrets" what she did and noted that it "shouldn't have taken place at all."